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IVF Shots Day Seven

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Well friends, the Lupron honeymoon is definitely over. Yesterday was crap. Right after I published my IVF Day Six post, complaining of fatigue, a wave of heat rushed over me like I’ve never in my life experienced. I could only assume that’s what a hot flash looks like. I literally went upstairs, and sat on the a/c vent in the kitchen. I was radiating heat and could not get away from it. Minutes later I felt so nauseated and had a raging headache that I ended up just going to bed.

I woke up yesterday thinking I’d be fine, that it was just one bad night. Oh no, I woke up yesterday morning with the same raging headache and it continued until… right now… the next morning. Neither Tylenol nor Advil seem to be doing the trick. I didn’t experience any of the nausea yesterday, thank God! I was pretty fatigued all day though. I’m thinking I might need to treat this like I did my mono last year and give myself a little catnap mid-afternoon. Otherwise I’ll be worthless to everyone.

My spotting has continued, more than a week now. Even a little cramping. And this has me VERY worried! I cannot start!! I cannot ovulate!! It is not time!! I need to call “M” today to ask if there’s anything else I can do about my headaches, and I’ll ask about the spotting, too. I’m sure she wants to answer that question AGAIN!

The shot yesterday morning didn’t hurt at all. Like in the old days. And by old days I mean six days ago. We actually gave the alcohol a brief moment to dry and whattya know, no pain!

Yesterday was also my 28th birthday. It was a low-key birthday filled with Facebook wishes! I’m so grateful for every one of them and hope that they pay off this year as they did last year. I received a beautiful bouquet of lilies from my friend Patrick, was treated to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner by Shelton, and had my BFF Christie arrive with her 18 mo-old daughter. They’re making their first trip north from Dallas since I moved to Wichita nearly five years ago. It’s great having them here this week and I’m looking forward to our date night tonight!

As for dinner, I couldn’t help but not order a glass of wine. The restaurant has a sauv blanc that I love, and it was my birthday, and “M” told me I could! So there. I only had the one glass and it was so tasty. The first drink I’ve had since I started shots. And whoa momma. One glass left me feeling like it had been a few. Maybe it’s because I haven’t drank in a while…. or maybe it’s the LUPRON! I came home and had my FAVORITE cake from Monica’s in Wichita with a little sip of champagne. It’s decided those will be my last alcoholic beverages until sometime next year. (somebody please hold me!) I already feel terrible and it’s just not worth purposely making it worse.

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IVF Shots Day Six

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Does Lupron make you tired? I feel like I did last summer when I had mono, like no amount of sleep quite quenches my exhaustion. I took two naps this weekend, something I never do. Going to bed early and sleeping late. And I feel sluggish all day long. Tonight I was like, let’s go to bed! When I looked at the clock it was only 7:30 and I realized it was still bright as day outside. So I did a little Google search for “lupron fatigue” and sure enough, there are several reports from other women indicating “severe fatigue,” “extreme exhaustion,” and “serious fatigue.” There it is folks, our first side effects. If this is as bad as it is six days in, then I think I can hang. However, I know better than to think this is the peak.

Last night I had a total meltdown over Jenna (my sister) having a baby. And not because she had a baby, but rather because I wasn’t there. I’ve planned for months to be there by her side when Eleanor joined us, and it just didn’t happen. I’ve apologized to Jenna profusely over the past few weeks as I prepared myself to not be able to go. I’d decided once the shots started I would not make the ten hour round-trip by car. So out of absolutely no where last night I started sobbing uncontrollably and sat in Shelton’s lap (ever-so delicately!) and he held me. I finally eeked out how sad I was that I missed Ellie’s birth. Since the day my younger brother and sister were born they were mine. I’ve been a part of every major day and event in their lives and I missed this one, a big one. I hate it so much. I know we’re adults now and the three of us live in different states and so the fact of the matter is I’m going to miss a lot of big events. But the first one stings.

Shelton mentioned that we do not have any plans this upcoming weekend (by design mind you) and that maybe we could go visit Jenna. Judging by how tired I am now, and guessing where I’ll be five or six days from now, PLUS we introduce the Gonal F on Thursday… I don’t know if that will happen. I want to talk to “M” or Dr. T to get their opinion when I go in for a check-up on Thursday; I imagine they’ll recommend staying home and resting.

The thing is, I don’t know how to rest. I’m a busy body. A bit of a workaholic. Shelton has to actually pry me away from my laptop a lot of nights and tell me to just stop. So this idea of two weekends in a row with no plans, taking naps, and resting seems a bit cumbersome. But it’s probably what my body needs most. Maybe I should listen to someone other than myself sometimes.

My shot this morning HURT LIKE HELL!!! It felt like Shelton lit my stomach on fire and I actually screamed a little. Yesterday’s hurt more than normal and today’s was just downright awful. Shelton thinks the alcohol didn’t dry enough by the time he injected. Hopefully tomorrow goes better.

Today was the last day of my birth control pills. I took two packs back-to-back, meaning I skipped my July cycle. All of this to make sure I ovulate at the right time to align with the schedule at the clinic. However, I’ve had a lot of spotting. A full week during June and now another full week. It’s annoying to say the least! Each time the spotting has started I’ve alerted “M” and each time she’s assured me that it’s totally normal. Some women respond to the BC this way and apparently I’m one of them.

Today is also my last day as a 27-year-old. Tomorrow is my 28th birthday! I’m a bit of a birthday brat. I like everyone to know, I like everyone to celebrate with me and I like to make a big deal about it. My BFFFF Christie is coming up from Dallas to spend the week with us. I’m so excited to see her. Tomorrow night she, Shelton and I are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Wichita for dinner, Yia Yia’s. Then, coming back where I have a Monica’s Bundt Cake (my favorite!) and a bottle of pink champagne (thanks “R”!!) waiting for us. I was told one drink here and there wouldn’t be terrible… and I was told I could have two drinks on my birthday! It’s going to be a pretty simple birthday. But I’m spending it with two of my absolute favorite people, with some of my favorite things, and I think it’s going to be rather nice.

IVF Shots Day Five

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Another day, another shot. Actually I’d be lying if I said today wasn’t pretty legendary. My sister finally had baby Eleanor. She arrived at 6:50 this morning, with a call coming in shortly after 7 from our new grandma, my mom. I’m so proud of my little sister. I’m a little devastated that I wasn’t there to celebrate with her, but I know I’ll get plenty of time to to snuggle with her later. Eleanor is 7lbs 1oz, 18” long and apparently has curly dark hair. Congratulations Jenna and Eric!

That wake-up call was probably necessary and forced Shelton and I out of bed to do this morning’s shot. Yesterday and today the shots have hurt a bit more than normal. Not sure why that is, but I’m not a fan. Shelton’s still doing a great job giving the shots.

I’m still feeling fine. I was a pinch moody today, and after snapping at Shelton I told him that I was blaming it on the Lupron whether he liked it or not. He responded OK and I told him that he really couldn’t argue with me. He agreed! It’s probably more my being tired and the excitement of the day that it was the Lupron.

We’re having a VERY laid back weekend. And by very laid back I mean lazy. I even took a nap today. It’s the first weekend we haven’t had plans in probably two months.

Shelton’s also coming around since his surgery. He’s starting to feel much better.

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IVF Shots Day Four

Friday, July 17th, 2009

If you’ve been expecting meltdowns, hysteria and hormone-driven insanity, go visit a relative with menopause. Because it’s not happening here! I’m so glad that we’re four days into my Lupron shots and have yet to feel any kind of side effects. This is the best news as it’s the exact reason I’ve been stressed about getting started.

We’ve had one hell of a week around here and I can tell you that I’m ready to sleep so much you’ll think I’m hibernating. In fact, this morning I heard Shelton’s keys jingling at 7am and realized that was my last chance to have him “juice” me, as we’re calling it. With half an eye open I mumbled “My shot…” and he goes “oh yeah!” I stayed in bed under the covers, did not move, left my eyes shut. I heard him grabbing all the gear and he asked if it was still doing 10iu to which I mumbled a positive grunt.

Then he walked over to the bed, pulled back the blanket and my shirt and did the injection. The entire time I was half asleep in bed. It was awesome, and I want to think that’s how future shots are going to be!

This weekend I’m looking forward to just being completely mellow. For the first time since probably April our calendar is completely clear. No plans. No obligations. No where to be. I am going to sleep until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon (or probably only 9am), take my recycling in and then catch-up on some chores and work. And that sounds like heaven to me.

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IVF Shots Days Two and Three

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

I’ve had a lot of people ask me almost hesitantly the last few days “How are you doing?” And I’m thrilled to be able to respond “Fine!” So far I haven’t noticed side effects from the Lupron. Feels like any other day of the week. Except I have to wake up at 7:30am… which is NOT typical.

Shots are much easier than I anticipated. Only because I’m such a needle phobe that you might as well be running a drill press through my abdomen. But instead, it’s really quite nothing.

That was until this morning. I had to go to OKC for the funeral of our friend Anna. Yesterday as I packed I grabbed a needle, the Lupron and an alcohol swab. As Shelton is still recovering from his MESA surgery he stayed home. This meant I’d have to administer the shot myself. I joked with a few friends last night that they were welcome to come over this morning and “juice” me. No takers though. Fair enough, I can’t say I’d have volunteered for that either.

At 7:30 this morning the alarm went off and I went to the bathroom with my supplies. I knew if I let myself think about it that I’d completely panic, and then what? So I just cleaned the Lupron cap, cleaned my tummy, and injected the needle. For a split second as I watched the needle go in (something I NEVER EVER do) I had this OH-MY-WHAT-IN-GODS-NAME-ARE-YOU-DOING moment. But alas, the needle slid right back out and I went back to bed.

I’m trying to decide what kind of design I want to make on my stomach. So far I’ve got three tiny little pink dots that could be the start of so many things. A constellation. A flower. My initials. Maybe we’ll connect the dots at the end and see what we come up with!

I do have to say a very huge thank you to friends, family and our readers. We’ve received tons of texts, tweets, facebook messages, emails and even, if you can imagine, face-to-face conversation offering prayers, encouragement and simply asking how we’re doing. It really means a lot and helps to know that we have so many cheerleaders and supporters out there.

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IVF Shots Day One

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

It was kind of like Christmas Eve over here last night. Except really tense and instead of a stocking full of candy and new socks I was going to get needles. So maybe not like Christmas Eve at all. The anticipation of starting shots today and having Shelton’s surgery today was a bit overwhelming. I felt like I was a bit short with Shelton all night, but maybe that’s something we’d better get used to for the next few weeks!

We went to bed at 11 and I knew the second I got in that I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. I grabbed my laptop and worked until 1:30 this morning. And I only stopped because my battery was dead. Attempt to sleep or go get my cord? I chose silent in the dark.

At 6:30 the alarm went off like it does every morning and I just cringed. I’ve never wanted to not get out of bed more than I did this morning. I didn’t want Shelton to have to go through the surgery today and I did not want him poking me with a needle. But we got up and I grabbed the supplies. This is what you call sucking it up. Putting on your big girl panties. Dealing.

I stood next to Shelton at the sink where he used the alcohol swab to clean the top of the Lupron bottle. Tore open the needle package. He drew in the medicine and then told me to go lie down. And the stress and anxiety of the moment just blew in like a hot, humid breeze.


And he’s all “It’s a weird angle. I want you to be comfortable. I don’t want to mess this up.”

And I’m like “NO!!”

But I did. I lied on my back and as soon as my head hit the pillow tears just started streaming down my face. And for no particular reason. So I braced myself for agonizing pain, Shelton swabbed my tummy, pinched some skin and dropped the needle in. Effortlessly. He did a great job. I barely felt a pinch and the cotton ball and bandaid I’d made readily available weren’t even necessary. I’ve had mosquito bites that looked worse.

I feel nothing today, as far as any weird Lupron affect. Which is good because I do not have time to deal w/ that right now.

At about 9am we headed to the surgery center (which is next door to our clinic) so that Shelton could do his MESA procedure. (Getting the sperm.) The short and sweet is that he had it, took a little longer than expected, but overall went well. He’s in a bit of pain, but resting comfortably at home. Will share a separate post as soon as some of the details are final.

Tonight, I see early bed times for both us. Shot day two tomorrow.

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