IVF Shots Day Seven

July 21st, 2009

Well friends, the Lupron honeymoon is definitely over. Yesterday was crap. Right after I published my IVF Day Six post, complaining of fatigue, a wave of heat rushed over me like I’ve never in my life experienced. I could only assume that’s what a hot flash looks like. I literally went upstairs, and sat on the a/c vent in the kitchen. I was radiating heat and could not get away from it. Minutes later I felt so nauseated and had a raging headache that I ended up just going to bed.

I woke up yesterday thinking I’d be fine, that it was just one bad night. Oh no, I woke up yesterday morning with the same raging headache and it continued until… right now… the next morning. Neither Tylenol nor Advil seem to be doing the trick. I didn’t experience any of the nausea yesterday, thank God! I was pretty fatigued all day though. I’m thinking I might need to treat this like I did my mono last year and give myself a little catnap mid-afternoon. Otherwise I’ll be worthless to everyone.

My spotting has continued, more than a week now. Even a little cramping. And this has me VERY worried! I cannot start!! I cannot ovulate!! It is not time!! I need to call “M” today to ask if there’s anything else I can do about my headaches, and I’ll ask about the spotting, too. I’m sure she wants to answer that question AGAIN!

The shot yesterday morning didn’t hurt at all. Like in the old days. And by old days I mean six days ago. We actually gave the alcohol a brief moment to dry and whattya know, no pain!

Yesterday was also my 28th birthday. It was a low-key birthday filled with Facebook wishes! I’m so grateful for every one of them and hope that they pay off this year as they did last year. I received a beautiful bouquet of lilies from my friend Patrick, was treated to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner by Shelton, and had my BFF Christie arrive with her 18 mo-old daughter. They’re making their first trip north from Dallas since I moved to Wichita nearly five years ago. It’s great having them here this week and I’m looking forward to our date night tonight!

As for dinner, I couldn’t help but not order a glass of wine. The restaurant has a sauv blanc that I love, and it was my birthday, and “M” told me I could! So there. I only had the one glass and it was so tasty. The first drink I’ve had since I started shots. And whoa momma. One glass left me feeling like it had been a few. Maybe it’s because I haven’t drank in a while…. or maybe it’s the LUPRON! I came home and had my FAVORITE cake from Monica’s in Wichita with a little sip of champagne. It’s decided those will be my last alcoholic beverages until sometime next year. (somebody please hold me!) I already feel terrible and it’s just not worth purposely making it worse.

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