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IVF Shots Day Six

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Does Lupron make you tired? I feel like I did last summer when I had mono, like no amount of sleep quite quenches my exhaustion. I took two naps this weekend, something I never do. Going to bed early and sleeping late. And I feel sluggish all day long. Tonight I was like, let’s go to bed! When I looked at the clock it was only 7:30 and I realized it was still bright as day outside. So I did a little Google search for “lupron fatigue” and sure enough, there are several reports from other women indicating “severe fatigue,” “extreme exhaustion,” and “serious fatigue.” There it is folks, our first side effects. If this is as bad as it is six days in, then I think I can hang. However, I know better than to think this is the peak.

Last night I had a total meltdown over Jenna (my sister) having a baby. And not because she had a baby, but rather because I wasn’t there. I’ve planned for months to be there by her side when Eleanor joined us, and it just didn’t happen. I’ve apologized to Jenna profusely over the past few weeks as I prepared myself to not be able to go. I’d decided once the shots started I would not make the ten hour round-trip by car. So out of absolutely no where last night I started sobbing uncontrollably and sat in Shelton’s lap (ever-so delicately!) and he held me. I finally eeked out how sad I was that I missed Ellie’s birth. Since the day my younger brother and sister were born they were mine. I’ve been a part of every major day and event in their lives and I missed this one, a big one. I hate it so much. I know we’re adults now and the three of us live in different states and so the fact of the matter is I’m going to miss a lot of big events. But the first one stings.

Shelton mentioned that we do not have any plans this upcoming weekend (by design mind you) and that maybe we could go visit Jenna. Judging by how tired I am now, and guessing where I’ll be five or six days from now, PLUS we introduce the Gonal F on Thursday… I don’t know if that will happen. I want to talk to “M” or Dr. T to get their opinion when I go in for a check-up on Thursday; I imagine they’ll recommend staying home and resting.

The thing is, I don’t know how to rest. I’m a busy body. A bit of a workaholic. Shelton has to actually pry me away from my laptop a lot of nights and tell me to just stop. So this idea of two weekends in a row with no plans, taking naps, and resting seems a bit cumbersome. But it’s probably what my body needs most. Maybe I should listen to someone other than myself sometimes.

My shot this morning HURT LIKE HELL!!! It felt like Shelton lit my stomach on fire and I actually screamed a little. Yesterday’s hurt more than normal and today’s was just downright awful. Shelton thinks the alcohol didn’t dry enough by the time he injected. Hopefully tomorrow goes better.

Today was the last day of my birth control pills. I took two packs back-to-back, meaning I skipped my July cycle. All of this to make sure I ovulate at the right time to align with the schedule at the clinic. However, I’ve had a lot of spotting. A full week during June and now another full week. It’s annoying to say the least! Each time the spotting has started I’ve alerted “M” and each time she’s assured me that it’s totally normal. Some women respond to the BC this way and apparently I’m one of them.

Today is also my last day as a 27-year-old. Tomorrow is my 28th birthday! I’m a bit of a birthday brat. I like everyone to know, I like everyone to celebrate with me and I like to make a big deal about it. My BFFFF Christie is coming up from Dallas to spend the week with us. I’m so excited to see her. Tomorrow night she, Shelton and I are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Wichita for dinner, Yia Yia’s. Then, coming back where I have a Monica’s Bundt Cake (my favorite!) and a bottle of pink champagne (thanks “R”!!) waiting for us. I was told one drink here and there wouldn’t be terrible… and I was told I could have two drinks on my birthday! It’s going to be a pretty simple birthday. But I’m spending it with two of my absolute favorite people, with some of my favorite things, and I think it’s going to be rather nice.

IVF Handbook and a Scheduling Conflict

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

I told you about receiving our IVF handbook/packet, which turned out to be an oddly emotional moment for me. I didn’t want to waste any time and so I asked Shelton to read through the entire thing with me – giving us a chance to discuss things, question things, maybe even laugh at a few things. He suggested we each read it separately, and then regroup to discuss. I suggested more strongly that we do it the way I had originally suggested.

In the end, we read through it together. All 50 some pages in one evening. We scribbled notes in the margins to ask at our June 3 IVF class. We read really big scientific words and referenced the glossary often. We were forced to discuss some of those uncomfortable ethical situations that those “easy breeder” couples don’t seem to ever face. You know – like who gets the embryos if we divorce, do you dispose/donate/freeze additional embryos, if you have multiples do you do selective reduction, etc. All things we’ve discussed ad nauseum previously, but forced to face a little more head on this time.

At the end of each page or section I would summarize by saying, “Bottom line, Brandi might die.” I’d giggle. Shelton wouldn’t. I guess the side effects with the fertility drugs, surgery, the actual carrying of the baby in my womb come with a lot of risks but the statistics seem to be on our side. We hope. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) seems to be the strongest risk, and this was expressed by Dr. T some months ago. I’m reassured by the daily or every-other-day visits we’ll be having once I start my meds. Surely if there are red flags that will allow us to catch them early and begin treatment.

I am so very hopeful that OHSS or any other side effects or circumstances force us to cancel our cycle mid-way, or not even start. They make it very clear that there are serious demands not only on your body and mind, but also on your schedule. It is imperative that you be available to make all of the labs, ultrasounds, check-ups, etc. It seems we’re already running into a bit of a scheduling conflict. Next month, one month before our cycle begins, I’m supposed to go in for “third day labs.” Blood is drawn on the third day of my period (and I could very well be completely botching this explanation) and they test for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels. This helps them determine the dosage of my fertility drugs in July. Well, I have a business trip planned during that week (as always, my quarterly trip to NYC for work never fails to conveniently fall right at that time). Our IVF coordinator, “M”, is checking with Dr. T to find out how we should handle this. Regardless, I’ll still begin my birth control cycle next month.

That seems to be the low-down on where we stand right now. I really can’t believe we’re getting so close. Just one more week to the IVF class!


Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Today, my doctor gave me a prescription for birth control. Alanis Morrissette never spoke truer words as she did on Jagged Little Pill- “A little too ironic… don’t ya think?”.

It’s a necessary evil. Birth control is just as effective at, well, controlling birth, as it is regulating hormones. Mine are jacked right now. I’m having long periods with weeks of spotting in between. It has been months and months and months of this nonsense and I’m pretty much over it.

I thought it had something to do with my ovarian cysts, but he assured me one has nothing to do with the other. We’re going to try it for four months and then stop using it. Hopefully that will hit some sort of period reset button.

All Stitched Up and No Where to Go

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Well folks, I’m home and doing well. Surgery started at 1 yesterday and I believe we were home by about 4. I spent the whole of the evening sleeping and letting the anesthesia wear off. Since the top off our bed stands about chest-high on me, I’ve moved into the futon in the den- since there is no way in hades I can get myself in and out of the bed. Just not yet.

The surgery went really well. Can I just send out huge kudos to Dr. T and the entire surgical staff. Everyone was wonderful. They asked lots of questions, answered all of mine and made me so comfortable. Having had this surgery before, I can say this entire experience has been 100% better than the previous (which was not done here or by this doctor).

For starters, we were actually able to plan and schedule. My last one was done in the ER at 10pm on a Saturday. I’ve known my doctor for a while now and felt comfortable with him, and as usual, he did a great job. The incisions are significantly smaller and look so much cleaner than last time, too. That was the biggest for me. I know it’s part of the deal, but not having my stomach look like someone chopped it up is kind of important.

They found that the cysts were all gone, which is good news. They were also not able to find the polyp they had suspected. Surgery a bust? Not exactly. We’d suspected that I might have endometriosis and sure enough they found it. I’m a high stage I, low stage II. (this is about the only explanation of the stages I can find on the Web. If you know of a better one, please fwd it).

Knowing that we’re now dealing w/ the Endo definitely explains so many things- like the extended periods, painful cramping and additional pain throughout the month, painful intercourse, etc and so on.  And this means I’ll definitely be going on the birth control. My follow-up is in two weeks and I’ll know more then.

So, I’m just kicked back on the futon. We’re pet-sitting my parents’ dog, Tibet the shih-tzu. She has yet to leave my side, just curls up and sleeps with me. I’m taking my Lortab, which is probably the only money-saving part of this surgery. Here’s a tip- I had my wisdom teeth removed last year and still had a full Rx of Lortab (hydrocodone). I also have a near full Rx of Tylenol 3 from a procedure last month. I took these with me to surgery yesterday and the doc said there was no sense in refilling and paying for a new one since I already had these. If you already have these necessary meds on hand, make sure it’s OK with your doctor and avoid the cost of a new Rx.

I walk around a little bit- mostly to go the bathroom or wander into the kitchen. I get tired quickly, but know I need the exercise. Shelton has been absolutely amazing. He takes such good care of me. I’m such a lucky girl!! This morning he whipped up blueberry muffins. My appetite is small though so I ate what I could.

Thanks to all of you for the emails with notes of prayer and well-wishing. It means so much. We are on the upward climb from here. More news to come soon.

Surgery It Is

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

I got in touch w/ Dr. T’s fabulous staff today and they have me booked for surgery on Thursday afternoon. I went in for lab work this afternoon to make sure I don’t have any weird diseases that would render me inoperable. I’m going to get in touch with the woman who manages insurance tomorrow and clarify a few questions and get squared away on our cost after insurance. That new FSA money is going to come in handy right about now!

Should be pretty simple- a laproscopy and a hysteroscopy (There is also this link, and I’m really only including it because- HOW SCARY IS THAT PHOTO?!).

This should alleviate the cysts I’ve had taking up residence on my ovary all summer. Those seem to be the only things reproducing down there. We should also find what is causing these obnoxious periods and make those a distant memory. He did say that following surgery I’ll most likely go on birth control until we’re ready to start the IVF. This is for two reasons- one, will stop the cysts and two, will get my schedule on track with theirs.

We also decided to cancel the IVF class we were scheduled for Saturday. I don’t believe I’ll be up for going to class and figure someone else with a cycle sooner than ours can have our spot. We’ve actually spoken to a few people who were going to be in that class via email and were looking forward to meeting them. Hopefully they’ll send us a note telling us about their experience.

Will definitely post and let you know how everything goes. I’ll see you back here Thursday or Friday with new scars!