IVF Shots Day Four

July 17th, 2009

If you’ve been expecting meltdowns, hysteria and hormone-driven insanity, go visit a relative with menopause. Because it’s not happening here! I’m so glad that we’re four days into my Lupron shots and have yet to feel any kind of side effects. This is the best news as it’s the exact reason I’ve been stressed about getting started.

We’ve had one hell of a week around here and I can tell you that I’m ready to sleep so much you’ll think I’m hibernating. In fact, this morning I heard Shelton’s keys jingling at 7am and realized that was my last chance to have him “juice” me, as we’re calling it. With half an eye open I mumbled “My shot…” and he goes “oh yeah!” I stayed in bed under the covers, did not move, left my eyes shut. I heard him grabbing all the gear and he asked if it was still doing 10iu to which I mumbled a positive grunt.

Then he walked over to the bed, pulled back the blanket and my shirt and did the injection. The entire time I was half asleep in bed. It was awesome, and I want to think that’s how future shots are going to be!

This weekend I’m looking forward to just being completely mellow. For the first time since probably April our calendar is completely clear. No plans. No obligations. No where to be. I am going to sleep until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon (or probably only 9am), take my recycling in and then catch-up on some chores and work. And that sounds like heaven to me.

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