IVF Shots Day One

July 14th, 2009

It was kind of like Christmas Eve over here last night. Except really tense and instead of a stocking full of candy and new socks I was going to get needles. So maybe not like Christmas Eve at all. The anticipation of starting shots today and having Shelton’s surgery today was a bit overwhelming. I felt like I was a bit short with Shelton all night, but maybe that’s something we’d better get used to for the next few weeks!

We went to bed at 11 and I knew the second I got in that I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. I grabbed my laptop and worked until 1:30 this morning. And I only stopped because my battery was dead. Attempt to sleep or go get my cord? I chose silent in the dark.

At 6:30 the alarm went off like it does every morning and I just cringed. I’ve never wanted to not get out of bed more than I did this morning. I didn’t want Shelton to have to go through the surgery today and I did not want him poking me with a needle. But we got up and I grabbed the supplies. This is what you call sucking it up. Putting on your big girl panties. Dealing.

I stood next to Shelton at the sink where he used the alcohol swab to clean the top of the Lupron bottle. Tore open the needle package. He drew in the medicine and then told me to go lie down. And the stress and anxiety of the moment just blew in like a hot, humid breeze.


And he’s all “It’s a weird angle. I want you to be comfortable. I don’t want to mess this up.”

And I’m like “NO!!”

But I did. I lied on my back and as soon as my head hit the pillow tears just started streaming down my face. And for no particular reason. So I braced myself for agonizing pain, Shelton swabbed my tummy, pinched some skin and dropped the needle in. Effortlessly. He did a great job. I barely felt a pinch and the cotton ball and bandaid I’d made readily available weren’t even necessary. I’ve had mosquito bites that looked worse.

I feel nothing today, as far as any weird Lupron affect. Which is good because I do not have time to deal w/ that right now.

At about 9am we headed to the surgery center (which is next door to our clinic) so that Shelton could do his MESA procedure. (Getting the sperm.) The short and sweet is that he had it, took a little longer than expected, but overall went well. He’s in a bit of pain, but resting comfortably at home. Will share a separate post as soon as some of the details are final.

Tonight, I see early bed times for both us. Shot day two tomorrow.

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