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Sunday, March 21st, 2010

We started nesting this week. And yes, “we” means Shelton and I. I love how involved he’s been every step of the way and in the past few days I think the daddy ‘mones have kicked in and he’s just as excited to take on baby projects as I am, even creating a few of his own.

We finally got through our three showers (thanks to ALL the amazing women who threw them for us!) and were able to take stock of what we have, what needs to go back, what we NEED, what we WANT and what we’re certain our baby will need if she ever stands any chance of walking and talking. You know, like ANOTHER package of sleeping gowns.

I counted the diapers. We have 500. I did all the baby laundry. About six loads. And let me tell you that I actually squealed a bit when, for the first time in my life, I saw a lint trap tinted pink. I saved the lint for when Shelton got home, he was less impressed. “Did you actually save that for me?” was his response.

The biggest purchase of the week was the car seat / stroller system. We’ve also picked up bottle paraphernalia, toiletries and bath goodies, socks, a thermometer, baby pant hangers and much more. All on gift cards. So awesome!

One of the other notable purchases were my nursing bras. I bought two and a nursing tank top. This morning I tried on the tank top and walked in to our master bath where Shelton was getting dressed. I said “Check this out!” and unclipped the strap to reveal my “harnessed” breast underneath. I’m actually laughing as I write this because the look on Shelton’s face was priceless. He screamed out “WTF!?” without the abbreviation and just looked dumbfounded. I found it rather humorous as he tried to understand the new contraption I was wearing. We quickly realized that with the current size of my breasts (size OOC for Out of Control!) plus the increase when my milk came in was going to make that tank look like doll clothes very quickly. So I returned it and got a larger size. Sigh.

The crib is made. Clothes folded and hung. Hospital bag(s) packed. (Yes, plural bags, because we’re moving in to the hospital and NEED three bags to get us through those 48 hours!) Arrangements for the dog made.

Now I’d say I need a beer, but I can’t have one of those yet. So, I’ll settle for a nap instead!

The Car Seat

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

For the most part this entire pregnancy has been surreal. It was just two nights ago that Shelton and I were lying in bed and he said that he still couldn’t believe the IVF worked. I completely agree. To wait for and try for something for six years you just get used to things being a certain way. And then poof one day it works and nine months later (ten, they lie to us!) you get a baby. Seems too easy.

So we’ve been living in this cloud of surrealism for a few, or eight, months with a few moments that have kind of smacked us in the face and forced us to realize that all of this was actually happening.

The first was the crib. Bringing it home and setting it up and having it sit there staring at me from the opposite side of my office. That was a big gulp moment. Not like a run to 7-11 and fill up on a liter of soda, but a knot in my throat I’m dizzy big gulp.

Last night was another. Shelton and I went to the baby store after work and picked up our stroller/car seat set. Gulp. We walked over to the one we had picked out and he goes “$300?!”. To which I replied “Yes, it’s the safest.” He can’t really argue with that. I was sort of reading aloud saying this will get us to 22 pounds. And he looked at me as if he’d been blindsided and said, “Then what?!”. I let him know we’d have to buy a booster seat. So he wandered around to the neighboring aisle and yells back “What? These are $150!”. It was rather entertaining to watch Shelton come to the realization that children are expensive. Who knew?!

With a 20% off one item coupon, some gift cards and exchange credits, plus the purchase of the baby book, we only spent $65. I was pretty happy with that.

As soon as we got home Shelton wrestled the box, that barely fit in his Maxima, into the living room and wasted no time taking it out and starting his first daddy assembly project. A totally cheesed out moment that I reveled in, watching my husband put together the stroller for our baby. It took more than a few glances at the manual and a test run with the dog, but the thing is completely assembled and waiting for the baby to take a stroll around the block. The car seat base we plan to install tonight because things are getting just a little too close for comfort around here.

Which reminds me, I should probably start packing my hospital bag.

Pregnancy Week 23 and OB Visit Week 23

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Oh what a week! Not as bad as the past few have been, yet still not the starfish kisses that everyone promised second trimester would be. I liked week 23.

I had my monthly visit with my OB. And as much as I like going every four weeks and having him reassure me that there is in fact still a baby inside of my uterus, I’m going to be perfectly honest… these appointments are pointless. I’m learning that short of having a foot hanging out of my vagina, no one is going to react to anything. NO ONE WILL REACT! Which is disappointing for a person like me who, well, likes it when people react to things I say and do. He measured my belly and that was the only “test” he did. Apparently it was fine. I at least took a long list of questions with me to make it worth my while for going down there.

Whether I’m more sensitive to it or it’s just trending, I’ve been hearing a lot about pre-term deliveries lately. This completely freaks me out. And Dr. W was reassuring in telling me that they have no idea what actually causes pre-term and he can’t tell what to do or not to do to avoid it. Awesome.

I asked about the bloody noses that I wake up with every morning. He told me I’m pregnant. Awesome.

I asked about the heartburn I have that would make a dragon cry and “radiates in my knee caps,” according to Juno. Ah ha! A solution. Prevacid or Pepcid.

We spent the weekend of Christmas in Oklahoma City with Shelton’s family. We got to catch-up with friends over a very long lunch and it was as if the past two years hadn’t lapsed at all. It was one of those four-hour lunches where we left with cheeks hurting from laughing so hard. They cooed over my belly and I soaked it up! There was confusion over our baby name and they thought it was Petunia. It is definitely NOT Petunia! We also got to spend two whole days with our nieces and nephew. I absolutely am in love with those babies. My nephew, Stone, is one of these boys who charges you when he wants to hug. It’s adorable, and I’ve indulged this behavior for nearly four years, scooping him in to my arms with each charge. We both had to learn that pregnant people can’t pick-up charging 3.5-year-olds… and 3.5-year-old boys can’t charge pregnant aunts.

One of the highlights of the week was, of course, continuing to feel the baby moving. I will seriously sit here and laugh out loud (that’s normal English for “LOL”) when she gets on a roll. Each week her kicks and punches get stronger and the sessions last longer. This past week, they got so strong that I didn’t even have to touch my belly to feel her, my stomach just moved. It’s insane! Feeling her moving, rolling, punching and kicking is absolutely the highlight of my pregnancy and I think it is this that I will miss most when she’s resting in my arms.

We did two road trips this past week – one to OKC and one to Topeka to celebrate the new year. I swore off planes a few weeks ago and I’m not too far off from swearing off car trips longer than 20 minutes. We have to stop all the time for me to pee, eat something or get up and walk. There is absolutely not one comfortable position in those seats. Driving helps some, but I hate driving and Shelton hates when I drive.

Our New Year’s Eve celebration was fantastic. It not only marks the start of a new year (clearly!) but also the anniversary of when Shelton and I started dating. At midnight of 01/01/01 we kissed and we’ve been doing so every new year since. Maybe one or two other times during the year. 01/01/10 marked nine years… which means we’ve actually known each other for more than ten, and that’s astonishing to me. We spend each Eve with some of our best friends in Topeka for a stay-at-home party that is always themed. This year I was fat and when someone suggested PJ Party I said yes! So we all sported jammies and had a comfy, cozy celebration. I actually made it all the way to 12:45am… even though around 8:30pm my eyes were doing that rapid-blink thing struggling to stay open. I also had a martini glass filled with “pregnancy sangria” all night long, and while I jealously watched everyone sip bubbly at midnight, at least it wasn’t water.

As if my cousin’s long-john style PJs with the butt flap weren’t entertainment enough, my pregnant boobs took center-stage and were the topic of conversation throughout the night. Apparently I’m supposed to change the name of the site to Baby AND Bust. I’ve known they’ve gotten bigger. I mean come on, I’d have to be blind and paralyzed from the neck down not to realize the expansion project taking place in the middle of my chest. But it’s one of those things that you don’t quite realize just how big they’ve gotten until someone points it out. And people pointed, literally. It was all in good humor and I’m glad that I was able to provide such robust entertainment for the evening.

Finally, we finished the week by registering. Yay!!! I’ve been waiting to get through the holidays to do so. The next few weeks are pretty insane for us and my first shower is the end of February, so I thought we should just get it done. Shelton was really stressed about it. He thought we needed a plan or a strategy. And I was like, we’re going to scan baby wipes, what kind of strategy do we need? We went to Babies R Us and quickly realized that ALL OF THE PREGNANT PEOPLE IN WICHITA go there to register on Saturday afternoons. The BRU staff has clearly done this before and they got us set-up with a gun and on our way in a matter of minutes. It helped that I had registered online so we didn’t have to go through all of that in the store. I started crying when they handed me the gun. Just another one of those moments that I thought would never be ours. So many times I’ve walked in to BRU to buy gifts for friends and walked out of their crying each and every time. And here I was crying inside the store because I finally got to be there for us, and it felt so good! I think we did pretty well, considering we have no idea what we’re doing. When faced with 400 different varieties of baby bottles, strollers, diapers and other ESSENTIAL baby items, we typically opted for the brands we commonly see friends or family using. That was our on-the-spot research method. We were actually pretty reasonable about the whole thing, so we think, only scanning items we really needed and straying from the over-hyped plethora of YOUR BABY WILL NEVER LEARN TO WALK WITHOUT THIS SUPER TRENDY VERY EXPENSIVE HOUSEHOLD CLEANER WITH A PICTURE OF A BABY ON THE FRONT type items. Then we went to Target where my back and feet finally gave out and we spent one more hour scanning a few items. We’re just that much closer to getting her here!!!

Pregnancy Week 19

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Week 19 will probably go down as the most memorable of this entire pregnancy. For this was the week that we found out our little monster is a she-monster. It’s a girl, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! She was quite cooperative for the sonogram, and by cooperative I mean not very lady like as she showed us all her business, or lack thereof.

It has unexpectedly completely changed my feelings toward this pregnancy in a way that’s really hard to describe. Not that was happy, excited and anxious before, but it’s all been exponentially increased. While I’ve been like, whatever, April will get here. Now I’m like, IS IT APRIL YET?!

I get the dumbest, giddy grin on my face every time I IM or tell Shelton “your daughter…” and it’s usually followed by “won’t stop moving.” This week she became incredibly active. There’s still no real pace or predictability to it, but there’s definitely no doubt that she’s in there now. A couple of days after the sonogram I was able to feel her from the outside for the first time. That took me off guard and was pretty exciting. I immediately placed Shelton’s hand in the spot, but alas, nothing. I’ve been told it could still be a couple more months before either of us really gets to enjoy external movement, so for now, it’s like this fun little secret that’s all mine.

I think I had another growth spurt this week. While changing a few days ago Shelton commented that I definitely looked pregnant now and that my belly had grown larger than my boobs… finally! Those are still a feat to be reckoned with, but at least my belly is taking the lead.

The heartburn that could make a dragon cry continues relentlessly. I had a few nights of leg cramps this week that, much to my doctor’s surprise, are in my upper thigh. He said that’s odd and not common. But these cramps are in the joints of my hips and knees, as well as the calf and thigh muscles. It’s so painful and so annoying. I just keep hydrating and blame it on shifting bones and muscles.

The other issue I’m still facing is my toothbrushing sickness. Putting toothpaste in my mouth makes me so ill I end up dry heaving for five minutes every morning. It’s awful. Most mornings I’m just running a dry toothbrush over my teeth to kick off the funk and then going back w/ paste later in the day when my stomach has had time to equalize. I’ve even switched toothpastes. This is one phase that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I’m also experiencing A LOT of back pain. By around 9:00 at night, there is not a comfortable position to be found. No chair, floor, pillow or position alleviates the pain. Shelton has been amazing and volunteers a back rub most nights and it helps, for a moment, and I’m so thankful to have those.

Today we kick-off week 20, our half-way point, and I’m almost feeling that same sense of relief we did transitioning from first to second trimester.

It’s a Girl

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

We had a sonogram today and very clearly saw that very soon we will have a daughter.

We are ecstatic!

The Baby Moved!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Or I’m going to pretend that it did. The movement was so sudden, fleeting and slight that I thought maybe it was just gas. But then, I don’t get gas in that spot, so maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. That was Monday.

I was trying my darndest to go to sleep, with Shelton snoring next to me of course. And there it was. As my mom likes to day, just a little flutter. I told Shelton the next morning and his response was “Yeah! Play time!”

It’s been quiet since then.

For some God forsaken reason I jumped (more…)