March 21st, 2010

We started nesting this week. And yes, “we” means Shelton and I. I love how involved he’s been every step of the way and in the past few days I think the daddy ‘mones have kicked in and he’s just as excited to take on baby projects as I am, even creating a few of his own.

We finally got through our three showers (thanks to ALL the amazing women who threw them for us!) and were able to take stock of what we have, what needs to go back, what we NEED, what we WANT and what we’re certain our baby will need if she ever stands any chance of walking and talking. You know, like ANOTHER package of sleeping gowns.

I counted the diapers. We have 500. I did all the baby laundry. About six loads. And let me tell you that I actually squealed a bit when, for the first time in my life, I saw a lint trap tinted pink. I saved the lint for when Shelton got home, he was less impressed. “Did you actually save that for me?” was his response.

The biggest purchase of the week was the car seat / stroller system. We’ve also picked up bottle paraphernalia, toiletries and bath goodies, socks, a thermometer, baby pant hangers and much more. All on gift cards. So awesome!

One of the other notable purchases were my nursing bras. I bought two and a nursing tank top. This morning I tried on the tank top and walked in to our master bath where Shelton was getting dressed. I said “Check this out!” and unclipped the strap to reveal my “harnessed” breast underneath. I’m actually laughing as I write this because the look on Shelton’s face was priceless. He screamed out “WTF!?” without the abbreviation and just looked dumbfounded. I found it rather humorous as he tried to understand the new contraption I was wearing. We quickly realized that with the current size of my breasts (size OOC for Out of Control!) plus the increase when my milk came in was going to make that tank look like doll clothes very quickly. So I returned it and got a larger size. Sigh.

The crib is made. Clothes folded and hung. Hospital bag(s) packed. (Yes, plural bags, because we’re moving in to the hospital and NEED three bags to get us through those 48 hours!) Arrangements for the dog made.

Now I’d say I need a beer, but I can’t have one of those yet. So, I’ll settle for a nap instead!