Pregnancy Week 19

December 7th, 2009

Week 19 will probably go down as the most memorable of this entire pregnancy. For this was the week that we found out our little monster is a she-monster. It’s a girl, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! She was quite cooperative for the sonogram, and by cooperative I mean not very lady like as she showed us all her business, or lack thereof.

It has unexpectedly completely changed my feelings toward this pregnancy in a way that’s really hard to describe. Not that was happy, excited and anxious before, but it’s all been exponentially increased. While I’ve been like, whatever, April will get here. Now I’m like, IS IT APRIL YET?!

I get the dumbest, giddy grin on my face every time I IM or tell Shelton “your daughter…” and it’s usually followed by “won’t stop moving.” This week she became incredibly active. There’s still no real pace or predictability to it, but there’s definitely no doubt that she’s in there now. A couple of days after the sonogram I was able to feel her from the outside for the first time. That took me off guard and was pretty exciting. I immediately placed Shelton’s hand in the spot, but alas, nothing. I’ve been told it could still be a couple more months before either of us really gets to enjoy external movement, so for now, it’s like this fun little secret that’s all mine.

I think I had another growth spurt this week. While changing a few days ago Shelton commented that I definitely looked pregnant now and that my belly had grown larger than my boobs… finally! Those are still a feat to be reckoned with, but at least my belly is taking the lead.

The heartburn that could make a dragon cry continues relentlessly. I had a few nights of leg cramps this week that, much to my doctor’s surprise, are in my upper thigh. He said that’s odd and not common. But these cramps are in the joints of my hips and knees, as well as the calf and thigh muscles. It’s so painful and so annoying. I just keep hydrating and blame it on shifting bones and muscles.

The other issue I’m still facing is my toothbrushing sickness. Putting toothpaste in my mouth makes me so ill I end up dry heaving for five minutes every morning. It’s awful. Most mornings I’m just running a dry toothbrush over my teeth to kick off the funk and then going back w/ paste later in the day when my stomach has had time to equalize. I’ve even switched toothpastes. This is one phase that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I’m also experiencing A LOT of back pain. By around 9:00 at night, there is not a comfortable position to be found. No chair, floor, pillow or position alleviates the pain. Shelton has been amazing and volunteers a back rub most nights and it helps, for a moment, and I’m so thankful to have those.

Today we kick-off week 20, our half-way point, and I’m almost feeling that same sense of relief we did transitioning from first to second trimester.