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Meet the Koskies

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

By high-noon this past Saturday there were 12 Koskies in this house. Now there are two; one of which is sleeping soundly on the sofa, one of which wishes she were, too. Shelton’s entire family came to stay with us over Memorial Weekend and we had a tremendous time catching up, playing, introducing Paisley, eating and the like.

The trip originated with Shelton’s brother’s family coming in from Baltimore for four days to meet Paisley; then grew to include his parents and youngest brother and his daughter. I was honestly a little overwhelmed by the idea of still managing a newborn and playing host to a dozen people, but it actually went much smoother than anticipated. (Isn’t that always the case?) It was such a treat to spend some time with Shelton’s brother and wife (Uncle Keith and Aunt Heather), as well as really enjoy some time with our 4yo nephew Stone (who celebrated his birthday while here with a rarely-seen cake baked by Aunt Brandi) and 18mo niece Tilton. We only get one or two visits a year with them, so we try to soak up every second we can when we’re together. We took the kids to the zoo one afternoon; Paisley of course slept through this entire excursion making “first trip to the zoo” pictures kind of pointless. Stone was very curious about and interested in Paisley, even making several requests to hold her; he even planted a few kisses on her!

Then the rest of the crew arrived from OKC and we celebrated Stone’s birthday and had a friggin’ blast watching all four of the kids (the addition of our 18mo niece Emilee) play in the pool, with bubbles and sidewalk chalk, running, screaming and even eating some very messy popsicles in the hot summer sun. I honestly think that day goes down as one of the best ever.

At times I think there was a lot of stimulation for Paisley (and let’s be honest, me!), but she did OK for the most part. I tried to stick as closely to her schedule and routine as I possibly could. This made the days a little rough, but thankfully she managed to still sleep her usual six to eight hours at night.

Before everyone departed we were able to capture a really fantastic picture of Oma and Papa with their four grandchildren. Can I tell you how great it feels to finally have one of our kids included in that picture? Pretty great! The four little Koskie cousins. I hope that 30 years from now they’ll look back on these years growing up together as fondly as I look back on my memories with my cousins.

Last night, with just the original four Baltimore Koskies remaining, we enjoyed a really fun dinner at Chipotle where the kids were able to run around the patio, and then we took them to the fountains downtown to play.

We couldn’t have asked for a better Memorial Weekend, and we’re already missing all the kisses, hugs, and cuddles… and the way Tilton growls “No”!


Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Yesterday morning I walked into work and straight into the office of one of my co-workers. She’s a thirty-something mom of two, works full time, one of the most genuine people I know and she looks stunning every day. I looked at her, with bags under my eyes and told her I didn’t understand how she could look so beautiful every day and not drink. She laughed and I told her the next time I hit my snooze button I would think of her.

Those two boys wiped us out!

Shelton and I picked up the two boys Saturday morning at 9am and I did not stop moving until their parents came home at 7pm on Sunday. I really had no idea that two days with two children (and three dogs) would be as much work as it was. The motion was constant- diapers, meals, playing, meals, diapers, read a story, bath time, clean up……….. for those of you with kids you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We really had a good time and the boys were so well behaved, they’re great kids. It was certainly an eye-opening experience. Granted, it’s completely different when they’re your kids and you have the past seven years to establish schedules and routines and just get used to having kids. I can tell you that when the baby woke up crying at 3am Shelton and I went on full alert. The house could have been burning down and I don’t think we would have freaked as hard. We threw the blankets back, blindly stumbled to turn on every light switch we could find and raced into the baby’s room. He had scooted out from under his blanky and couldn’t find his way back to it. I was like- that was it?!

The baby and his big brother decided to start Sunday at 6:45 IN THE MORNING. THE SUN? It was still down. As in, it was dark outside and TOO EARLY TO BE AWAKE!! The boys crawled up in bed with us and flipped on the cartoons. It took less than ten minutes for the baby decide he wanted to be up-up.

We had two very full days with a trip to the movies, the zoo, bath time, stories and hide-and-go seek. We hope that our friends thought we returned the boys in good condition. We applaud all of you with kiddos because whether you’ve got one or ten, your hands are so full!

Test Drive

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Before you buy a car, you obviously take for a spin around the block. It seems there aren’t enough opportunities to test drive things that we’re going to be committed to for a while. Things like a new house, a haircut, or maybe a ridiculous pair of shoes. Well, Shelton and I are getting the opportunity to test drive parenthood this weekend. Some friends of ours who live a few doors down are out of town this weekend. They called to ask a few weeks ago if we would mind watching their two boys while they’re away.

Saturday morning we will pick up the seven year old and two year old and head back to their house w/ their two dogs and our dog. I’m tired just thinking about it.

They are fantastic kids and “the mom” has done an excellent job of outlining meals, bed time routines, activities, meds and which TV channels they can watch. But I still feel a little like I’m being dropped in a foreign country with nothing more than a “guide pamphlet” rather than a book and a little cash for survival. We just keep giggling how we are going to be way in over our heads. However, I’m confident that this will be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We’re hopeful the weather will hold out this weekend so we can take walks and go to the zoo and the park. I thinking having us cooped up in the house together all weekend might be dangerous.

So wish us luck. We’ll see how this parenting thing looks on us.

If you’re in Lubbock, TX- Please Read

Monday, March 19th, 2007

It’s a long shot, but if anyone reading this is in Lubbock or knows someone in Lubbock, please take a moment to read.

My family suffered a devastating loss this weekend. My younger cousin Scotty was killed in a hit-and-run on Sunday morning. Scotty was walking on the street and a car hit him, drove off and Scotty died at the hospital shortly thereafter.

Witnesses identified a white car with four hispanic males inside. If you have any information, we urge you to call authorities. If you’re the praying kind, please keep Scotty and family in mind.

There is an unimaginable sadness coursing through the vein of our entire family. Unfortunately, I didn’t know him really at all. In the past two days I feel like I’ve learned more about him than I ever would have otherwise. This greatly saddens me. I’ve read his MySpace with notes from his many friends and several news stories and he sounds like the kind of kid that we would all want to know. He was serving in the Army National Guard and set to deploy in May.

I wish I could be in Lubbock this week to be with my family, offer hugs, prayer, dinner or whatever else needed to be done. I hope they all know how much I love them and how my thoughts are staying with him.

Again, if you have any information, please call authorities immediately. Thank you.

(News Story)

The Small Things

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

This past weekend, Wichita received its second winter blast in two consecutive weekends. We’ve got about 6-8” of fluffy snow covering our yard. It’s beautiful. All weekend, I just kept telling Shelton I wished I could be 10 again, just long enough to truly enjoy the snow in a way only a kid can. I kept telling him we needed to find some kids to play with so we could enjoy the weather. But it would probably be kind of creepy if we stopped by the neighbor’s and asked to borrow their kids for a while.

We got even luckier, though. I’ve been involved with a mentor program with the same little girl for a year and a half now. We’ll call her Ms. J. We happened to have plans to take her to a college basketball game yesterday afternoon and on the way in noticed a huge hill with plenty of kids enjoying the sledding action. While she enjoyed the game, she kept asking when we could go sledding. Not being at all prepared, Shelton left half way through the game to go procure some sledding materials. He met back up with us with laundry baskets and cardboard boxes. Ms. J then informed us that she had NEVER been sledding in her life. I could not believe it. So for close to an hour this girl flung her self down the hill and dragged herself back up with a grin that could only be described as pure magic. She giggled the entire time and kept wanting to go faster and farther. She even braved the snow ramp that had been build and launched herself airborn.

I just kept thinking that THIS is why we want to have kids. To watch them discover sledding. The way the icy cold blasts your face as you speed down a hill, that on any ordinary day is just a hill. Your pants and coat and gloves get drenched from the snow. And no matter how cold you get, no matter how tough it is to climb back up- it’s so worth it.

This little girl on more than one occasion has reminded me how fantastically fun the most simple things can be. Riding an escalator, going through a drive-thru car wash, having cupcakes at school on your birthday. Each time she beams the most beautiful, brightest smile I’ve ever seen.

I have read ”Dooce“ everyday for probably three years. She is a writer that I truly admire, and best of all makes her living staying at home with her beautiful little girl and telling the world about her life. Last week she posted a video of her 3-year old daughter laughing because she was so blown away by her own reflection in the video camera. This little girl laughs the heartiest laugh for an entire minute and by the end Shelton and I both caught ourselves howling right along with her. And again, I said THIS is why I want to be a mom.

It’s those small, perfect, innocent moments when you see them discover some other part of this big life. I want to be transformed by those as much as all of my friends say they have been.

Babies Everywhere

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Babies are poppin’ up around here like zits in a high school. They are positively everywhere. Everywhere I go, everyone I see either has them, just had them or is awaiting their arrival.

People always ask me if it bothers me or tell me they won’t talk about their kids in front of me. Really, it doesn’t bother me. I love being around them. In small doses.

This past weekend- not a small dose. We went to visit Shelton’s family in Oklahoma City. It’s a quick 2.5 hours from here. Once we arrive, we park the car and they generously tote us around and keep us fed until it’s time to go. This weekend there was our nephew, Shelton’s brother’s 2 month old. Then there were the Dallas cousins’ two kiddos, 8 months and 2 years. Then dinner w/ the other cousins and their three kids- 2, 5 and 10. BABIES EVERYWHERE!!!

And while I”m not sad, I love every minute I’m with my nephew- after all, he is the love of my life! But there is always this lingering pit in my stomach. This annoying, nagging little sensation in my stomach that is just yearning to call one of them my own. I usually tell people that my ovaries are beating much like my heart would- bom-bom, bom-bom.

I know a lot of people struggle with being around other babies and children. And I can certainly understand the feeling. But I guess I find a little bit of hope in it. I love being around them- their smell, the way you can practically feel your blood pressure drop when you hold them, the absolutely darling things they say and do. They’re just perfect in everyway.

Last night after work, I went over to a friends house who had just had twin girls last month. She and her husband let me snuggle with them and they are perfect little angels. I watch them manage these two little baby girls (I say manage because it is a full time job) and think- oh my! What if I get twins?! Definitely get my money’s worth I say. Everytime I leave I tell them how beautiful those girls are (and they are!!) and how blessed they are to have them.

So, keep those babies comin’. I love it! Just one at a time, single file.