April 17th, 2007

Yesterday morning I walked into work and straight into the office of one of my co-workers. She’s a thirty-something mom of two, works full time, one of the most genuine people I know and she looks stunning every day. I looked at her, with bags under my eyes and told her I didn’t understand how she could look so beautiful every day and not drink. She laughed and I told her the next time I hit my snooze button I would think of her.

Those two boys wiped us out!

Shelton and I picked up the two boys Saturday morning at 9am and I did not stop moving until their parents came home at 7pm on Sunday. I really had no idea that two days with two children (and three dogs) would be as much work as it was. The motion was constant- diapers, meals, playing, meals, diapers, read a story, bath time, clean up……….. for those of you with kids you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We really had a good time and the boys were so well behaved, they’re great kids. It was certainly an eye-opening experience. Granted, it’s completely different when they’re your kids and you have the past seven years to establish schedules and routines and just get used to having kids. I can tell you that when the baby woke up crying at 3am Shelton and I went on full alert. The house could have been burning down and I don’t think we would have freaked as hard. We threw the blankets back, blindly stumbled to turn on every light switch we could find and raced into the baby’s room. He had scooted out from under his blanky and couldn’t find his way back to it. I was like- that was it?!

The baby and his big brother decided to start Sunday at 6:45 IN THE MORNING. THE SUN? It was still down. As in, it was dark outside and TOO EARLY TO BE AWAKE!! The boys crawled up in bed with us and flipped on the cartoons. It took less than ten minutes for the baby decide he wanted to be up-up.

We had two very full days with a trip to the movies, the zoo, bath time, stories and hide-and-go seek. We hope that our friends thought we returned the boys in good condition. We applaud all of you with kiddos because whether you’ve got one or ten, your hands are so full!