July 1

July 11th, 2007

Just like most husbands, I have failed to wish Baby or Bust a timely HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! On July 1, BOB turned one year. It all kicked off last July with a “test” donation from my brother, Kyle, and quickly turned into more than $6,000 in donations. Unbelievable. Our goal was of course not met, but I think we never anticipated receiving that much. From perfect strangers no less.

BOB has definitely been a wild ride for Shelton and I. This was yet again one of my wild whims that he gave into. But I just knew I had to do it. Strip away the donations, I just wanted to provide a place where the average Joe, like Shelton and I, could find valid, real-life information about infertility. I knew if I were looking for it and couldn’t find it, then I certainly couldn’t be alone.

We’ve heard from hundreds and hundreds of people from right here in Wichita to Spain, Australia, Switzerland everywhere in between. I think it was less than a week that we received a donation from a woman in Madrid, Spain. It was a perfect example of how quickly the Internet unites us and makes the world oh-so small.

Shelton and I did several radio interviews, the CBS Early Show interview, made front page of the Wichita Eagle and have been featured (and kicked in the teeth) on countless Web sites. It was this press coverage that helped BOB to be as successful as it has been and we are grateful to all of the media representatives who saw in us a story worth sharing.

I’m proud of this site and I’m proud of the attention it has brought to infertility. I’ve learned that the people who need this site have found their way to it. I’ve learned that ultimately, laughing about this has been my best medicine- and I hope it’s yours too. There’s nothing we can do about it. My life is too short to waste it feeling sorry for myself and what if-ing myself into corners I can’t back out of. I’ve learned to appreciate the abundance in my life and not to take an ounce of it for granted- the support of our families, the love of our friends (and who the real ones are), the gift of two really great jobs, our perfect health, the strength of our marriage. I’ve learned the generosity of strangers- and I’m now more inclined than ever to reciprocate that generosity at every opportunity I have.

We recently renewed our domain name, so we’re going to be around for a while. This past year would not have been possible with out the encouragement and support of all of our friends and family, the thousands of visitors to our site, the overwhelming generosity of the donors and emails filled with kind words and support.

Happy Anniversary Baby or Bust- and thank you to each of you for making it possible!!