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Is your state covered for infertility?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Did you know there are 15 states in this grand union progressive-thinking enough to require some form of insurance coverage for infertility/IVF treatments? Well there are. According to RESOLVE, a tremendous support resource for infertility, these states are:
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
West Virgina

Each state varies in the specificity of its coverage, and RESOLVE shares all of that here.

As for the other 35 states- what’s the deal? Get with it already! The legislatures for these straggling 35 states should be painfully embarrassed and disappointed in themselves. Not a single one of you can prevent a rational argument for why this isn’t covered. Infertility is a disease- most generally it’s a birth defect or genetic. This isn’t like health insurance covering lung cancer for smokers or health care during/after an abortion- or any number of other “elective” medical procedures.

Beat down the door of your HR department, too. Many companies provide financial support for adoption, but do your research, and find out if that support can be used toward your infertility treatment. RESOLVE recognizes Columbia Laboratories, Avon and Black & Decker as companies with outstanding practices for supporting its employees facing infertility and adoption.

Feels like the first time

Friday, May 16th, 2008

I was having lunch yesterday with a friend. Our paths cross occasionally and it’s always nice to catch up. She politely asked how things were going with BabyorBust and I got her up to speed on the site and our plans. She then told me that she and her husband had just found out the day before that due to male-factor, they were finding themselves in this infertility boat. I always hate hearing that. It’s like, ugh!, why one more?!

She and her husband are about the same age we are, so I’m glad they were able to catch this now instead of even five or ten years down the road. I feel like the options play to your favor a bit more when you’re younger. I’m already freaked out that my boobs are going to sag and I found my first wrinkle… let’s not talk about what else happens after I turn 30! (more…)

Fertile Dreams IVF Grants

Friday, April 11th, 2008

We received this email this morning and I thought it was very appropriate to share with you. (Thank you Angie!)

Fertile Dreams is a fertility non-profit based in Florida. Each year they give each of two families a $10,000 grant to spend toward IVF expenses. (I cannot wait until BabyorBust is doing this!!)

The following is directly from the email with all of the event information.

I would like to invite you to participate in the 4th Annual Paths to
Parenthood Conference in Orlando, Florida, for those seeking
information about becoming parents through fertility treatments and

On May 4, Fertile Dreams, a nonprofit organization dedicated to
offering patients hope through education and access to resources, is
hosting the free event at the Orlando Marriott, Lake Mary, Florida.

This year’s guest speaker is Dr. Alice Domar, a pioneer on women’s
health issues, nationally known speaker and best selling author.
Among the books she has written are, “Infertility Explained” and
“Conquering Infertility”.  Dr. Domar has appeared on the Today Show,
Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Dateline NBC, CNN and has gone
on tour with Oprah with the LLuminari team for health and wellness

The event is free, includes lunch and dinner, great give-aways, but
you must pre-register to attend~
For more information, go to or call Angie Best-Boss
at 317.861.8205

Too Good to be True?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

I’ve received so many emails inquiring about A lot of you are coming out and saying that you’ve had some questionable interaction with them.

Soon after we launched this site we received an unsolicited donation from Free-IVF. That was how we came to learn about the site and program. We were excited because they were doing what we hope to do someday- provide free grants to families trying to conceive via IVF. We continue to receive correspondence from them, including the email I posted below (Stork Campaign). I figured if someone visited Baby Or Bust and didn’t feel like donating here, maybe their money could go to that organization. Or, some of the families who visit the site would learn of another avenue for financial support.

I’ve never read or heard anything negative about the organization, so I posted the email. Now some of you are writing to say that in order to receive funding from Free-IVF, you’re required to make a $100 donation- but then you never hear anything from them. I’ve been told emails and phone calls go unreturned for extended periods of time. This is unfortunate, and I’m always naive enough to see the good in everyone- I hope that families are not being taken for a ride.

I’m going to get in touch with the org director, as well as the BBB in Georgia (where they are located). I hope to return with good news. But in the mean time, I thought I’d let you know what others have been sharing with me about their experiences.

I’m not knocking or supporting the site- just looks like we need a little more info.

Send A Stork Campaign

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 is a great organization that raises money to give to infertile couples pursuing IVF. I received an email today with their fundraiser information. The letter below is straight out of the email. If you would like me to forward it to you (as it will have the live PayPal button) just let me know. This is a really worthwhile organization that helps so many couples… Shelton and I included.


Did you know that more than 7 million people in the United States suffer from infertility?  Infertility is a disease that affects the reproductive system prohibiting many loving families from bearing children.  Despite the staggering number of people who are plagued by this devastating disease, infertility is not recognized by most medical insurance companies.

The average cost of Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments, such as In Vitro Fertilization, is $15,000.  Without insurance coverage or other means of financial assistance to offset the cost of these treatments, many infertility sufferers cannot afford to realize their dream of parenthood.  At, we believe that miracles should not come with a price tag. (more…)

Free IVF

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

We received a donation tonight from an organization called Free IVF dot com. We’d yet to hear about or find this site. They raise money and offer it to other couples facing IVF. This is one of our goals, and something we’ve already done once. Fantastic! I’m so glad to have found this site.

They also have a place where you can sign a national petition encouraging Congress to pass legislation to require insurance coverage- I strongly encourage you to sign it by clicking here.

A HUGE thank you to the generous folks at Free IVF.