Too Good to be True?

October 3rd, 2007

I’ve received so many emails inquiring about A lot of you are coming out and saying that you’ve had some questionable interaction with them.

Soon after we launched this site we received an unsolicited donation from Free-IVF. That was how we came to learn about the site and program. We were excited because they were doing what we hope to do someday- provide free grants to families trying to conceive via IVF. We continue to receive correspondence from them, including the email I posted below (Stork Campaign). I figured if someone visited Baby Or Bust and didn’t feel like donating here, maybe their money could go to that organization. Or, some of the families who visit the site would learn of another avenue for financial support.

I’ve never read or heard anything negative about the organization, so I posted the email. Now some of you are writing to say that in order to receive funding from Free-IVF, you’re required to make a $100 donation- but then you never hear anything from them. I’ve been told emails and phone calls go unreturned for extended periods of time. This is unfortunate, and I’m always naive enough to see the good in everyone- I hope that families are not being taken for a ride.

I’m going to get in touch with the org director, as well as the BBB in Georgia (where they are located). I hope to return with good news. But in the mean time, I thought I’d let you know what others have been sharing with me about their experiences.

I’m not knocking or supporting the site- just looks like we need a little more info.