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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

In the summer 2008, we were approached by Wellsphere and asked to be amongst the first “health bloggers” to be a part of their pregnancy and fertility community. It meant having each of our posts republished on their site, a tremendous opportunity to share our story with an even broader audience.

Our story continues to be shown at Wellsphere, and we’re very glad to be a part of that ever-growing community.

Good News Times Three

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I have some fun and exciting news.

No, it’s not a baby.

First, I’ve been invited to be a featured blogger at Wellsphere’s new pregnancy community. Wellsphere is a wonderful health community with a huge focus on dieting and weight loss. They are expanding their editorial offerings by creating a pregnancy community. This is a site that I’ve followed for sometime and definitely give a thumbs-up for its credibility, thoroughness, friendly people and inviting layout. I’m beyond flattered that I was chosen to be a part of starting the pregnancy community. Looking forward to getting started and will certainly share with you when that happens.

Second, well, I can’t really tell you. Another invitation to be part of a writing project and I’m quite humbled by the invite. I think this is the largest writing project I’ve ever taken on. A lot of lost sleep and second-guessing myself. But I’m really pleased with where things stand now. Will fill you in when I can. Wink!

Third, I paid off one of my student loans. A small one mind you. I still have the heaping behemoth that keeps me bound at the ankles to Uncle Sam. The woman at the OU bursar congratulated me and I actually welled up with tears. (Imagine that, me crying!) I put myself through college. I did it on my own and I’m paying it back a few pennies at a time on my own. If you don’t mind my saying so, I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished in the four years since graduation. Paying that off is a huge milestone for me and will allow us to shift that payment to the heaping behemoth.

Thanks again to all of you who frequent the site and send emails. I’m glad you’ve come along this journey so far with me/us… and looking forward to taking you on the rest!