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Pregnancy Week 27

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Yes, I’m still here. I feel like it’s been a few days since I last checked-in. I’ve been super busy with those “take it easy” orders and really doing quite well with them.

I honestly feel like last week, week 27, as we ushered in our third trimester, has already been pretty well summed up. What a mess. Granted, it could have been a bigger mess, but I feel like it was the most drama we’ve had this entire time.

So, if you want or need to catch up on week 27, please see:

Week 27 Doctor’s Appointment

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Vaginal Rest

What isn’t mentioned in those posts is that for the most part I’m feeling pretty OK. By afternoon I’m feeling pretty exhausted. I try to jump off line for 30 minutes or an hour to take a nap or just lie down. The baby is moving a lot. Throughout the day and the sweet little flutters are gone and have been replaced with rambunctious kicks that clearly let me know she’s in there. She likes to burrow deep into my pelvis or try to push her butt out of the top right of my stomach. Both are unbelievably uncomfortable.

Last night while taking a bath I was watching her do the wave, as my entire stomach would just sort of roll from one side to the other. And then, she’d give a big kick and send ripples across the water. Very cool!

We are all signed up for our birth class; it’s a 6-week course at our delivery hospital. I was surprised to hear it costs $60, but I guess they’ll probably take us for every penny they can.

Otherwise, I’m just really starting to feel that nesting bug, yet I feel like I can’t do anything about it. I can’t move boxes, I can’t unload the bookshelf in my office, I can’t vacuum. Hell, even a trip to the grocery store requires assistance. I know it’s all worth it, every bit of it. And in less than 12 whole weeks she’ll be here and, while we won’t regain our normalcy, we’ll get to begin working on a new normal. And that is very exciting!

Vaginal Rest

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

This was the order given to me by the doctor on Friday afternoon. I’m supposed to let my vagina rest… apparently. I told Shelton not to disturb us.

So, I’m being funny, but this week has been far from it. All because of the bleeding. “Brandi, give us one verb to describe your pregnancy.” “Bleeding.” Ugh! It’s so incredibly frustrating. Why? Because there is no reason for it. None whatsoever!

Last Monday, I went to the doctor for my monthly visit. We talked at length about the bleeding and he asked me every conceivable question you ask a person on the subject. At one point asking if I was positive I knew where it was coming from. I posted here about that doctor’s appointment, mentioning the bleeding. “M” at our fertility clinic read said post and mentioned this to Dr. T, our IVF doctor. He called us. It was out of the blue and completely unexpected and so completely welcome. He kind of made me realize I wasn’t taking this as seriously as I should and kind of woke me out of my apathetic fog I’d let myself drift in to. Hello! Remember the IVF with the needles and the crying and the money? I let him know there was a sonogram scheduled for the following week, but he insisted it be done sooner, even offering to let us go by the clinic if need be. So my regular doctor’s office was able to move up the appointment and get me in the next day, this past Wednesday.

So we went to the sonogram. And ooohed and ahhed over the excruciating cuteness factor of the little baby girl residing in my womb who could very well have my nose and maybe Angelina Jolie’s lips. We knew it would probably be the next day before our OB, Dr. W, received the radiology report and could let us know what they found. So we asked radiology to burn us a disc of all the sono images, plus we took the cute print outs, and headed over to see “M” and Dr. T, hoping to settle our nerves and both continue the conversation with two people who have expressed genuine concern and interest in our well-being. So we had a long chat and Dr. T didn’t seem alarmed by anything, just “paranoia” about the continued bleeding. He urged me to “take it easy” and reminded me of how far we’ve come. I think I needed that. Not that I need to be on tip toes and egg shells until she arrives, but this is not a normal pregnancy and shouldn’t be treated as such. He also advised that if I experienced any changes – in the blood, cramping, etc. – that I should immediately go to the hospital to be checked out.

The next afternoon, Thursday, Dr. W’s nurse called with the radiology report and let me know that no one sees anything wrong. Nothing stands out. There are no clots, there are no pools of blood. There’s nothing. We’ve ruled out every possible problem. Yet, the bleeding continues.

And yesterday morning, Friday, the bleeding continued. Only there was a change. It was heavy, very, very heavy. And my heart just stopped. But I rationalized – don’t freak out! I was like, we’ll give it an hour or so and see what happens. Thirty minutes later I had to use the restroom again, of course, and it was worse than before. And although Shelton had just gone to work late after driving to the opposite side of town through the snow, I called him and asked to come home and take me to the hospital. And he did. During the wait I called Dr. W’s office and was told to go to our delivery hospital. I also packed a change of clothes/overnight bag because, well, who knows.

It was our first trip to this hospital and our first trip up to labor and delivery. If nothing else, the practice run we probably needed. I first want to say the staff in that perinatal unit was amazing. The nurse was barely done filling out forms when the doctor pushed her way in and got to work. Meaning, within minutes. Every single person was smiling, polite and in no particular hurry. It was very relieving, very comforting and vastly different from any ER experience… ever. I gave a urine sample, was hooked up to an external fetal monitor and began sitting. I felt totally fine, but was completely unnerved by the change in events. The doctor reached out to Dr. W to let him know I was there while her resident took a very thorough history. Then, they did a pelvic exam. She said she could see blood, but didn’t seem concerned by it.

Let me just say now, that at 27 weeks, stir-ups can take a damn hike. By 40 weeks, no chance in hell you’re folding me up in those things.

They took blood and then we waited. Lunch time during a snow storm probably wasn’t an ideal time to be sending things to the lab for results, but that’s what we did. We spent four hours at the hospital, only to have the doctor come in and tell us what we already knew. “The baby is perfect.” Perfect, healthy, strong, growing… all things any parent-to-be wants to hear, especially us. As for me, “no explanation.” Whattya know. My labs were clean, the exam inconclusive. There’s absolutely nothing wrong… that they can see. As “M” put it, people should stop calling this normal, because it’s not normal. It might be the norm for me, but that doesn’t make it a normal part of any pregnancy.

I was sent home with instructions for “vaginal rest,” and basically told that I’m sitting just this side of bed rest and that I must “take it easy.” Shelton had called “M” and Dr. T when we arrived at the hospital, primarily because we wanted someone with my history to know where we were and what was going on. Dr. W spends Fridays in surgery so it wasn’t possible for me to let him know, he was my first call. Dr. T called to check on us just as we were pulling in the driveway. I assured him he hadn’t planted any seeds of hysteria or hypchondriac-ness. He agreed with our decision to go to the hospital and said if the same thing happened again to go right back. I thanked him profusely for taking the time to reach out. Seriously people… best. doctor. ever.

So today, I’m doing that, taking it easy. Which is incomprehensible to a busy body like me and I’m just stewing with all the things I could/should/would be doing, places I’d be going. We canceled dinner plans that we were hosting tonight, probably a good call. Otherwise we’ve been busy with the doing nothing, taking it easy and vaginal resting.

You know, if sitting here like a lump gets me through at the very least the next seven weeks and able to bring home this perfect, healthy baby girl, then clearly I’ll do it. But a month of bleeding with zero explanation is worrisome to say the least, so I’m hoping that all of this sitting and attempt at reducing stress somehow stops the bleeding or keeps anything else from happening.

Week 27 Sonogram

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Whew! What a week! I’m already completely drained and we’ve got four days to go before the next one starts.

I mentioned in my week 27 OB update that we’d be having a sonogram next week. Well, that moved, to yesterday.

It seems I haven’t exactly been the best advocate for myself and fortunately for me/us, someone else was watching over our shoulder. Dr. T, our fertility doctor, caught word via “M,” our IVF nurse/sanity manager, that my bleeding had continued… was continuing. Remember, we dealt with this for the first six or eight weeks of the pregnancy with him. Tuesday evening I received a call from him wanting to know what was going on and expressing his concern. He encouraged me to move up the sonogram.

So yesterday I called radiology and they obliged, moving me from a Monday appointment to an afternoon appointment yesterday. No doubt I was thrilled to be able to peek inside and see how much this baby had grown in the eight weeks since our last sonogram; more so, I just want to know what is going on.

As of now we have not yet heard back on the radiology report. However, what Shelton and I saw yesterday was the most perfect, healthy baby with her mama’s nose! Every picture showed a strong, healthy baby. And the ripples that waved across my stomach and the fact that the sono tech had to basically chase her down showed us that she’s very active and very much spending every single day growing. She’s currently at two pounds five ounces and all of her measurements hit the 50 percentile dead-on. Her size matched her gestational age to the date. In other words, she’s perfect. She’s textbook.

Today I’m just waiting to hear back from Dr. W, my OB, to make sure this bleeding/spotting/whatever really is just some bizarre anomaly that none of us can account for.

I did take my sono pics over to Dr. T yesterday afternoon. In no way at all trying to undermine or step on the toes of Dr. W, but I felt like if I had a second doctor this interested in helping us, two minds can surely be more helpful than one, right? It’s like going to a salon and suddenly asking a different stylist to do your hair instead of the one who did it before. Awk-Ward.

It was such a treat to steal some of Dr. T and “M’s” very valuable time and not only talk about the health of our pregnancy, but kind of catch-up in general. Dr. T strongly urged me to take the next five weeks seriously in regards to our pregnancy and just focus on relaxing, not stressing and keep this baby inside. He reminded that every day she’s inside buys us more weight, more health.

I was also encouraged that if anything changes – cramping, bleeding, etc. – that I need to be checked out immediately. So the hypochondriac in me is trying to stay in hiding; reasonably, I need to just listen to my body and recognize when something isn’t quite right.

I’ll of course update once I hear back on the sono report.

In the meantime, go ahead and swoon over this adorably squishy-cute baby face! That’s her nose, lips and chin.

Week 27 Doctor’s Appointment

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I had my monthly doctor’s appointment today. When Dr. W walked in he asked if there was anything new with the Web site. And I kind of froze. Ommagod… he knows about my Web site! He admitted that he’d never visited, but that a resident of his did and that this person mentioned it sometimes, even noting that I call him Dr. W. SO, if he stops by, or to the mystery resident, HELLO!!!

This visit included my glucose test, which I was dreading. My sister had told me horrible horror stories so I was of course fearing the worst. I did get to have breakfast this morning and then showed up at the lab where they handed me a bottle of my choice of fruit punch flavored glucose. And it tasted like my red Powerade. Yum! I sucked it down and then ten minutes later felt like I was hit by a truck. I don’t eat a terrible amount of sugar, very little in fact. So I had a feeling shocking my body with that concentrated sugar would hurt, and boy did it! After the appointment and throughout the day I felt like I had just crashed hard, fighting to stay awake, headache… very similar to an adrenaline rush crash. I expected the baby to go nuts, but I think she was in a sugar-shocked coma because she didn’t move all day. Finally during yoga tonight I got a couple kicks, so we’re back to normal. They drew my blood but I did not get the results. I’d like to think there will be nothing to report.

During my appointment, Dr. W mentioned that I’d called a few times this past month regarding spotting. Oh yes, it’s back! But really, did it ever go away? Hardly. He was mildly concerned, only in that sense that there’s no explanation for it. We’ve ruled out every logical answer. He even asked if I was sure it was vaginal and I was like, umm, yes doc, I know my orifices. So just to make sure we haven’t missed anything, or that nothing new has developed, I get to have a sonogram on the first. Yay!! I’m thrilled to have another sono, for whatever the reason is. Look at your medical stuff… SHOW ME MY BABY! She’s going to be so big and I cannot wait to see how she’s grown in the eight weeks since we last saw her.

We talked about the upcoming delivery. Because, in case you haven’t heard, that’s going to happen. He told me that week 34 is kind of the safety circle, so if we can just get there and she happened to come early there wouldn’t be a whole lot of reason for concern. In fact, if I went in to labor that early he wouldn’t stop it. I then asked how far he’d let me got on the other end, if I cruised passed my due date. And this is why I love him – he just shrugged and said something to the effect of not seeing any reason to do so. I told him I am due on a Monday and he responded that he induces on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So at the latest, we’ll have this baby by 4/28! Do you know how much Type A Personalities LOVE to hear definitive dates they can put on their color-coded calendars?! LIKE SO MUCH!

I also talked to him about my crazy fast heart rate. In the past week or two, I can be sitting perfectly still, we’re talking working/sleeping/watching TV, and my heart rate is at or above 100 bpm. I feel like I’m in the middle of a cardio workout and I’m not even moving. I have to stop and catch my breath. It’s insane. He told me it can be normal due to the increased blood volume moving through my body. And also told me not a whole lot to do about it and since it only lasts 10 or 15 minutes I shouldn’t be too concerned. And I responded that, oh no sir, 10 minutes would be great, this lasts HOURS! And he was like, huh what?! Told me there was a pill he could give me, in the hospital, and it would basically stop my heart. And I was like, umm, motionless cardio works for me. He said if it continues that I can go to the L&D floor at the hospital and they’ll do a heart monitor and see what’s going on. SVT rhythms is what he called it… more mental note for me than anything else.

Finally, I got to go to yoga tonight. I only bring this up because of what happened in the moments before I left. I love this little yoga class I’ve found. As the weeks tick by the class gets smaller and new faces show up… because the other women have reached their due dates. One woman who have sat next to for most of the classes was a real sweetheart. She was older, just 49, and cute as a button as she’d waddle in carrying her twin girls. She was just teeny tiny petite and perfect round with two little girls tucked inside. During our conversations I learned that she’d done the IVF cycle prior to mine. So of course I’m like SOUL MATES! I learned a few days after Christmas that she’d delivered the girls and I was thrilled for her. Then tonight, as I was putting on my shoes, I learned that she passed away a few days ago. I’m so unbelievably shocked and saddened by this news. I just can’t wrap my brain around it. All I can think about is that she wanted those babies so badly, she was so healthy and she worked so hard to have a good pregnancy. And now those little girls won’t get to know their adorable mom and her husband is left without her. What an unbelievably crushing time for that family and my thoughts and prayers are with them. I hope she’s got a front row seat to watch those sweet babies grow-up.

Pregnancy Week 26

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

As I started to write this I was like, “Oh no! What did I do? I lost a week!” I saw that last week I posted week 25, knew that today was 27 and couldn’t figure out how I’d overlooked week 26. But alas, I write for the preceding week and nothing is lost. Good lord!

Today is week 27 and that means we begin our third and final trimester. Golly gee it just doesn’t even seem possible that I’ve been pregnant for nearly seven months. That’s a long time! I woke up pretty excited this morning, that we’ve reached yet another milestone without incident. It just keeps creeping so much closer and the anxiety and anticipation are fighting it out between both Shelton and I.

I am so enjoying being pregnant. I love it, I absolutely love it. At the same time, I’m like, it’s a means to an end and the end will be here soon and life will go back to normal. Well, a new normal. Never again will we know our normal. I love my bump. It’s perfect. It’s the exact baby bump I’ve always wanted. I’ve gained about 30 pounds and yet you’d never know it by looking at me. Another thing I’m so grateful for. So far I’m growing very similarly to how my younger sister did last summer and I’m excited about that, because if we look similar pregnant, dear God let me lose the weight and get back in shape in the timely fashion she has.

This past week, number 26, was actually pretty decent. The charlie horse that wrecked my leg and will live on in the Smithsonian of leg cramps was really both the high and low for the week. I’m very pleased to report that I had little to no issue with my back this past week, it didn’t seem to bother me much at all. Even the heartburn seemed to have dissipated.

However, I think I’m turning in to an insomniac. I crave sleep more than I do Doritos and pizza (and chocolate cake… and tacos….). I know I’ve mentioned to you several times that I’m a wicked sleeper. I like to get as much of it as I can and sleep as late as possible (which most days is 8am). I’ve been this way my entire life. I think this is just my body’s way of preparing me for the inevitable insomnia that awaits when the monster gets here, and in that regard, I can kiiiiiiind of appreciate the sentiment. But otherwise, this is for the mother effing birds and I’m over it! I’ve been waking up at 3am for a while now. Wide awake, not like the half-conscious stumble to the bathroom at 1. No, I’m awake. Making lists, thinking about work, planning errands, re-working conversations… all in my head… in the middle of the night. Some days, it’s too much to fight, I just get up. Last night, I managed to lie there awake and coax myself to sleep an hour later. I’m one of these people though that when I’m up, I’m up. There’s no middle ground. During the week, by noon or one I’m physically forcing my eyelids to stay open and by 5 I’m pretty much a vegetable the rest of the night. Bed time comes around 9, much to Shelton’s dismay, but I’m usually asleep quickly and he can continue reading his Google Reader to his heart’s content. I’ve done hot baths, heating pads, changed the temperature of the room, slept in different kinds of PJs and taken Tylenol PM—all moot efforts.

Additionally, I believe the nesting bug has settled in for sure. This morning, my “adorable” husband wrote this on his Twitter:

Third trimester starts today. Nesting mode is in full effect and comes with the “there’s only one way and yours isn’t it” hormone.

Seriously?! We’ve been together for nine years. If he hasn’t learned to fold laundry, put away dishes, wash the dog, etc. the way I’ve gently encouraged him to do, it’s not my fault. He’s not a slow learner, but when it comes to domestic issues, Shelton come on!

In all fairness, as I mentioned last week I believe, my pregnancy hasn’t turned me into a mushy crying sap pile, I’ve become a bitch. I know this is true because I have days where I don’t even want to be around myself and I can’t believe the things I’m doing and saying. I feel like I don’t have any real control over it, yet I know I do, and so I try my damndest to just be nice. Being nice, it’s like the simplest concept we humans have to grasp. Nevertheless, I’m nesting. I want everything clean. But not clean like that, clean like this. I want everything reorganized. But not like that, like this. That banister that we’ve NEV-ER dusted, why don’t we hit that with a Swiffer and some Pledge. And we need more lists. There aren’t enough lists. Everything should be on a list. I’m a neurotic mess that really just needs a beer. A very tall, very cold, very frothy, fresh from the tap Blue Moon… or Bass… Oooooo or Samuel Adams Summertime.

Sorry, tangent. I joke about the Doritos and pizza cravings, but I really haven’t had any cravings during my pregnancy, except beer. Every time I’m around someone drinking a beer I just want to crawl on their lap and smell their breath. So many people have said, Oh, you can have just one. No I can’t. For two reasons… 1) That’s like giving someone ONE potato chip. Give me a freaking break. 2) Hi, I paid TWENTY GRAND for my baby. If she’s born without one of her toenails or her earlobes are growing on top instead of on bottom, I’ll forever feel guilt ridden about having had just that one beer because look what it did to her!

No for now, I’ll just get my kicks by picking on Shelton, eating pizza and creating a new blueprint for the pantry.

Death by Charlie Horse

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

… So my obituary will read and people everywhere will wonder if that’s even possible and then I’ll rise from the dead with my wrecked right calf and say “LOOK! RIGHT HERE! THIS IS HOW YOU DIE FROM A CHARLIE HORSE!”

Anyone who has kept up with our pregnancy knows that one of the subplots has been my leg cramps. They were brutal in Nov/Dec and in the past few weeks have managed to wane. Maybe I’m finally drinking enough water. Maybe my muscles gave up. Who knows. Frankly, I’m sleeping without agonizing pain so I don’t care why they stopped.

However, they’re back. And boy do they know how to make an entrance. Tuesday night I was very restless and my legs quite achy. At six in the morning Wednesday I flung myself out of bed screaming bloody murder because my right calf was locked in a charlie horse so excruciating I swear to all things holy and not that my muscle was being ripped open. As I stood doubled-over at the side of the bed Shelton jerked awake asking what was wrong and all I could muster was “Cramps! Cramps!,” to which he thought meant I was giving birth to the baby right then and there.

So in the darkness of our room amidst screams of anguish and blind confusion, Shelton helped me back in to bed where I moaned in agony for another ten minutes while the charlie horse from the depths of hell coursed through my leg and Shelton massaged the muscle and moved my foot just so as to make it go away. Finally, it went away and we nestled back in to bed for a brief nap before starting our day.

I’ve spent Wednesday, Thursday and now Friday limping. I don’t think I could have done this much damage to my leg taking off on a Forrest Gump-style run without any stretching or training. My muscle is completely wrecked. It hurts like hell. I’m hobbling around all gimpy like and it’s making life harder in general.

I have yoga Monday night and I’m hoping that I’m either healed by then, or that my brilliant yoga teacher is able to make me stretch it out.