Week 27 Sonogram

January 28th, 2010

Whew! What a week! I’m already completely drained and we’ve got four days to go before the next one starts.

I mentioned in my week 27 OB update that we’d be having a sonogram next week. Well, that moved, to yesterday.

It seems I haven’t exactly been the best advocate for myself and fortunately for me/us, someone else was watching over our shoulder. Dr. T, our fertility doctor, caught word via “M,” our IVF nurse/sanity manager, that my bleeding had continued… was continuing. Remember, we dealt with this for the first six or eight weeks of the pregnancy with him. Tuesday evening I received a call from him wanting to know what was going on and expressing his concern. He encouraged me to move up the sonogram.

So yesterday I called radiology and they obliged, moving me from a Monday appointment to an afternoon appointment yesterday. No doubt I was thrilled to be able to peek inside and see how much this baby had grown in the eight weeks since our last sonogram; more so, I just want to know what is going on.

As of now we have not yet heard back on the radiology report. However, what Shelton and I saw yesterday was the most perfect, healthy baby with her mama’s nose! Every picture showed a strong, healthy baby. And the ripples that waved across my stomach and the fact that the sono tech had to basically chase her down showed us that she’s very active and very much spending every single day growing. She’s currently at two pounds five ounces and all of her measurements hit the 50 percentile dead-on. Her size matched her gestational age to the date. In other words, she’s perfect. She’s textbook.

Today I’m just waiting to hear back from Dr. W, my OB, to make sure this bleeding/spotting/whatever really is just some bizarre anomaly that none of us can account for.

I did take my sono pics over to Dr. T yesterday afternoon. In no way at all trying to undermine or step on the toes of Dr. W, but I felt like if I had a second doctor this interested in helping us, two minds can surely be more helpful than one, right? It’s like going to a salon and suddenly asking a different stylist to do your hair instead of the one who did it before. Awk-Ward.

It was such a treat to steal some of Dr. T and “M’s” very valuable time and not only talk about the health of our pregnancy, but kind of catch-up in general. Dr. T strongly urged me to take the next five weeks seriously in regards to our pregnancy and just focus on relaxing, not stressing and keep this baby inside. He reminded that every day she’s inside buys us more weight, more health.

I was also encouraged that if anything changes – cramping, bleeding, etc. – that I need to be checked out immediately. So the hypochondriac in me is trying to stay in hiding; reasonably, I need to just listen to my body and recognize when something isn’t quite right.

I’ll of course update once I hear back on the sono report.

In the meantime, go ahead and swoon over this adorably squishy-cute baby face! That’s her nose, lips and chin.