Pregnancy Week 27

February 3rd, 2010

Yes, I’m still here. I feel like it’s been a few days since I last checked-in. I’ve been super busy with those “take it easy” orders and really doing quite well with them.

I honestly feel like last week, week 27, as we ushered in our third trimester, has already been pretty well summed up. What a mess. Granted, it could have been a bigger mess, but I feel like it was the most drama we’ve had this entire time.

So, if you want or need to catch up on week 27, please see:

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What isn’t mentioned in those posts is that for the most part I’m feeling pretty OK. By afternoon I’m feeling pretty exhausted. I try to jump off line for 30 minutes or an hour to take a nap or just lie down. The baby is moving a lot. Throughout the day and the sweet little flutters are gone and have been replaced with rambunctious kicks that clearly let me know she’s in there. She likes to burrow deep into my pelvis or try to push her butt out of the top right of my stomach. Both are unbelievably uncomfortable.

Last night while taking a bath I was watching her do the wave, as my entire stomach would just sort of roll from one side to the other. And then, she’d give a big kick and send ripples across the water. Very cool!

We are all signed up for our birth class; it’s a 6-week course at our delivery hospital. I was surprised to hear it costs $60, but I guess they’ll probably take us for every penny they can.

Otherwise, I’m just really starting to feel that nesting bug, yet I feel like I can’t do anything about it. I can’t move boxes, I can’t unload the bookshelf in my office, I can’t vacuum. Hell, even a trip to the grocery store requires assistance. I know it’s all worth it, every bit of it. And in less than 12 whole weeks she’ll be here and, while we won’t regain our normalcy, we’ll get to begin working on a new normal. And that is very exciting!