Pregnancy Week 28

February 12th, 2010

My weekly update is a few days late due to some maintenance we’re trying to do to the site. So not to fear, all is well!

Yes, I said well! I’m on day eight of no bleeding! That is very exciting and a trend I hope we can keep up as long as possible. I pretty much spent the whole of week 28 either sitting in a big chair in the living room or lying in my bed. I even had Shelton move a card table in front of that big chair so I could set-up my office. I only left the house three times the entire week. And while it was mind-numbingly boring and drove me bonkers, I think the self-imposed “do not move” on top of the doctor-imposed “vaginal rest” proved to be worthwhile.

The baby is awesome! She seriously moves all day long. She’s usually up before I am in the morning, wiggling about, ready to start the day. (Probably just ready to eat something!) And then whether it be full-on “shows” or just her head or butt resting in a very uncomfortable position, I can feel her throughout the day. There is no doubt she’s growing either. I can definitely feel a difference in the shape and weight that I’m carrying. But these are all good things! Lots of moving and lots of growing just means a healthy baby!

Last week I signed-up for and paid for our birthing class, which is held once a week for six week at our delivery hospital. You know, I probably don’t need it. Millions of women then and now have given birth without so much as a doctor’s appointment, much less a six-week course, but I think I’ll feel better having done it. Hopefully Shelton will, too. I just don’t want to feel like we’re walking blind in to that delivery room. I have been warned not to watch the epidural video, which, I unfortunately, have already watched online and DEAR GOD you should have to have your mother sign a permission slip before you’re allowed to view things like that! I tell you what, I paid $60 for this class. I’m not getting any kind of college credit for it and my GPA doesn’t depend on it. So if they decide to venture down a road we aren’t comfortable with, I’m taking my two pillows, beach towel and husband and getting the H out of Dodge!

Symptom wise I’m starting to feel a lot slower. Much like in the early part of the pregnancy, I’m very tired most of the time. I’m back to early bed times and sleeping about 10 hours each night (interrupted by no less than three trips to the bathroom each and every night). The leg cramps seem to have waned for the most part, although my thighs, calves and lower back are quite achy by the time I wake in the morning. Rolling over in the middle of the night, or even trying to get out of bed, is proving to be a more difficult task. I’ve moved a stool in to the shower to sit on and I find Shelton helping me up off the couch or out of the tub more and more. The heart burn continues to melt my innards and the Pepcid AC/Tums cocktail is about as useful as putting out a housefire with a 20 oz. bottle of Dasani.

Starting next week I’m on two-week appointments with the OB, Dr. W. It’s an exciting milestone showing us that we’re at t-minus 11 weeks until this little monster gets here. My first of three showers is in 2.5 weeks and I can’t wait to start celebrating with all of our friends and family (not to mention help this nesting bug take a day off).