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One More Baby

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

It is raining babies around here! Our second niece was born recently, miss Emilee Delee. A very healthy 6 pounds, 8 ounces. She is beautiful, and looks just like her mama. We won’t get to meet her until next week and we’re very anxious to do so.

Shelton and I had a realization the other night, of the four “cousins” on the Koskie side of the family, we’re the only ones without kids. Sometimes it really sucks- a lot of conversations we can’t be a part of and just wanting to have “that” like they do. At the same time, we’re the only ones who get to sleep in on weekend mornings! I will say that I love being an aunt, it is so much fun. I am so in love with my nephew and nieces. I really enjoy watching Shelton interact with them. He’s so patient and a lot of fun to play with. Our nephew just climbs all over him and hangs from all his limbs like Shelton were a jungle-gym. And watching him hold our new month-old niece…. melt. my. heart.

We’ll get our turn. Because those kids definitely need more cousins to play with!

Two New Babies

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

I love celebrating new babies. We seem to do that a lot lately between family and friends squeezing out babies like they’re worth a tax deduction.

Oh yeah, they are!!

Some very, very dear friends of ours were laboring on Labor Day and delivered twins!! The Swarts are now a family of five, thanks to boy/girl twins Riley and Hailey. They are teeny tiny, both just under six pounds. The best news, is that they are HEALTHY!! For having twins, it was a fairly uneventful pregnancy and I couldn’t ask for more if I’d carried them myself.

We met The Swarts through my cousin, on one of our many infamous camping trips. While it was blazing hot outside that day, the A/C in the car on the way to the lake was frigid, so I put on my little pink cardigan. We’d also brought our little Shih-Tzu, Tibet. So when we arrived at camp, I climbed out of the car in a cardigan with my frou-frou dog. Mikayla couldn’t believe I was there to camp. But I proved I’m one hell of a camper, and so is my little dog! It’s a cherished friendship we’ve enjoyed ever since.

Most infertile couples don’t want to hear about some successful couple just looking at each other and getting pregnant, much less with twins. (For the record, infertile couples think that’s how the “rest” of you have babies…. you just sit in the same room and stare at one another!) Personally, I love celebrating it. I love that one more couple didn’t have to experience this. That their blessing, and in this case blessings, came without the trials and struggles that we face. More than anything, it gives me more hope.

I haven’t gotten to see these little cuties yet, but you bettah-bulieeeve I will snuggle them simultaneously the first chance I get.

In other news…. I get to meet my new niece tomorrow night. She’s 3 weeks old now and I’m just going to spend 4 whole days soaking up her newness.

It’s a Niece!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

About 18 hours ago we welcomed our new niece into this world. Her name is Tilton, and long before her birth we’ve been calling her Tillie. She’s a perfect and healthy 7 pound, 7 ounce, 20” bundle of girly joy. She is what we call “the golden child.” The first girl in a family of all boys. I can tell already that she’s got daddy tightly wound around her teeny tiny finger.

Her parents just “had” to move to the other side of the country so we were not able to be there. We are nonetheless elated with the news and anxiously waiting the first pictures.

We could not be happier and send congrats to them!

Welcome Ada

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

She’s here! My girlfriend Christie welcomed Ada Nancy Wednesday afternoon. The little 7-pound gem is healthy, perfect and beautiful. She looks just like her momma. I got to cuddle with her briefly yesterday and I’m still enjoying her intoxicating scent! Congratulations!

A Best Friend’s Love Note

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Any minute now a little girl, who will be named Ada, will be born to my oldest and dearest friend. Christie was due yesterday and the little booger is just not in any kind of hurry to come meet all of us. As long as I live I won’t forget the moment Christie called to tell me she was going to have a baby. Immediately I was filled with that now all-too-familiar half thrilled/half jealous. I’ve talked about it before, but Shelton’s brother has had a baby, cousins, friends, co-workers- the entire spectrum. No other pregnant person has ever been closer to me than Christie- it feels very much as if my own sister is about to deliver- because she is.

Christie and I met in 9th grade, when we were 14. I’d just transfered in to a new school. I had a hideous haircut, started wearing a bra and makeup, new school my first day of junior high and no friends. Christie and another girl were in my science class, which preceded lunch each day. I remember carefully sitting “near” them at lunch each day- not too close as to impose, but close enough to let them know that I thought we could be pals. We eventually started talking and they admitted to calling me “Shadow” because I was always kind of lurking around them. My persistence paid off and soon the bad haircut grew out and we were damn near inseparable- on and off campus.

The end of that school year her family moved out of state. My world shattered. I’d never known a friend like this. I often think of the Shania Twain song that says “Looks like we made it, we beat the odds together, I’m glad we didn’t listen.” Our parents all told us that we’d likely keep in touch through that summer, but then new school years would start, new friends would be made and one day we’d be nothing more than a box of pictures and funny notes passed between classes.

But we made it. We beat the odds. I’m SO GLAD we didn’t listen. Christie has touched my life in ways I cannot count- and I hate to even imagine what I’d do without her the past 12 or 13 years. At this point, who’s counting? We’ve literally seen it all together- first kisses, first heartbreak, new schools, drivers licenses, high school and college graduations, death of family members, falling in love, marriage, spring break trips, and the list of course goes on. We’ve laughed and cried more together than we have with probably any other single person.  So when I say that I feel like my sister is having a baby- I’m not exaggerating.

During the past nine months, I’ve stood on the sidelines watching her grow a little more and slowly start adapting to becoming a mother. I went to see her in Dallas in November for a shower that I’ve never been more excited to throw. We stayed up so late that night and sorted through every single onesie, sock, blanket, storybook and ruffle. And then stood inside that precious little nursery and laughed at ourselves. How did we- Brandi and Christie- get here? We’re not old enough for this. I talk to her often on the phone and try to encourage her and tell her that, while she thinks “this baby is never coming out,” it is a scientific fact that she will exit. I keep encouraging her to eat Mexican food, do jumping jacks, and as I read on one site- stimulate her nipples to induce labor. That’s what friends do- at least the bestest of friends.

I’ve caught myself spontaneously crying over the last few weeks as I try to imagine the scene when I walk into her home and see Christie, my goofy friend from junior high, sitting there with her first daughter in her arms. I’m overwhelmed with emotions I don’t know how to understand. She’s going to be the most unbelievable mother- kind, generous, curious, silly and loving. There will be no shortage of cookies or hugs. I am just so happy for her. Thrilled. Ecstatic. Overjoyed.

Christie I love you more than you know. And I cannot wait to watch you become a mom. I promise to just fall in love with that baby… because I already have. Now- HURRY UP! Every time the phone rings I jump out of my skin and can barely handle the phone.

Babies Everywhere

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Babies are poppin’ up around here like zits in a high school. They are positively everywhere. Everywhere I go, everyone I see either has them, just had them or is awaiting their arrival.

People always ask me if it bothers me or tell me they won’t talk about their kids in front of me. Really, it doesn’t bother me. I love being around them. In small doses.

This past weekend- not a small dose. We went to visit Shelton’s family in Oklahoma City. It’s a quick 2.5 hours from here. Once we arrive, we park the car and they generously tote us around and keep us fed until it’s time to go. This weekend there was our nephew, Shelton’s brother’s 2 month old. Then there were the Dallas cousins’ two kiddos, 8 months and 2 years. Then dinner w/ the other cousins and their three kids- 2, 5 and 10. BABIES EVERYWHERE!!!

And while I”m not sad, I love every minute I’m with my nephew- after all, he is the love of my life! But there is always this lingering pit in my stomach. This annoying, nagging little sensation in my stomach that is just yearning to call one of them my own. I usually tell people that my ovaries are beating much like my heart would- bom-bom, bom-bom.

I know a lot of people struggle with being around other babies and children. And I can certainly understand the feeling. But I guess I find a little bit of hope in it. I love being around them- their smell, the way you can practically feel your blood pressure drop when you hold them, the absolutely darling things they say and do. They’re just perfect in everyway.

Last night after work, I went over to a friends house who had just had twin girls last month. She and her husband let me snuggle with them and they are perfect little angels. I watch them manage these two little baby girls (I say manage because it is a full time job) and think- oh my! What if I get twins?! Definitely get my money’s worth I say. Everytime I leave I tell them how beautiful those girls are (and they are!!) and how blessed they are to have them.

So, keep those babies comin’. I love it! Just one at a time, single file.