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This is Why I Fought to Become a Mom

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Tonight Paisley had five paper plates arranged on the coffee table, and one coffee-scoop that she insisted was a fork. She told me to sit down and “eat bref-fast mama!” She pointed to each plate and told me what was on them: “eggs, cake-cakes, eggs, cake-cakes, ur-gurt!” (cake-cakes are pancakes; ur-gurt is yogurt) in that sweet-as-honey, sing-song voice she has.

I ate the most gigantic, imaginary breakfast and loved every bite! She grinned the entire time, watching with satisfied eyes as I scooped shadows of breakfast favorites off my plates. After I’d eaten something off of each plate she told me “mama full!” and proceeded to get a baby wipe to clean both of my hands and my mouth. Of course! Syrup, yogurt and cheesy eggs would make quite the mess.

Love her.

Note: I want to do more of this this year. Writing individual stories, rather than attempting to remember them all at the end of the month. This moment was so perfect tonight that I’d be doing Paisley and I both a disservice if I didn’t remember it exactly.