Week 27 Doctor’s Appointment

January 25th, 2010

I had my monthly doctor’s appointment today. When Dr. W walked in he asked if there was anything new with the Web site. And I kind of froze. Ommagod… he knows about my Web site! He admitted that he’d never visited, but that a resident of his did and that this person mentioned it sometimes, even noting that I call him Dr. W. SO, if he stops by, or to the mystery resident, HELLO!!!

This visit included my glucose test, which I was dreading. My sister had told me horrible horror stories so I was of course fearing the worst. I did get to have breakfast this morning and then showed up at the lab where they handed me a bottle of my choice of fruit punch flavored glucose. And it tasted like my red Powerade. Yum! I sucked it down and then ten minutes later felt like I was hit by a truck. I don’t eat a terrible amount of sugar, very little in fact. So I had a feeling shocking my body with that concentrated sugar would hurt, and boy did it! After the appointment and throughout the day I felt like I had just crashed hard, fighting to stay awake, headache… very similar to an adrenaline rush crash. I expected the baby to go nuts, but I think she was in a sugar-shocked coma because she didn’t move all day. Finally during yoga tonight I got a couple kicks, so we’re back to normal. They drew my blood but I did not get the results. I’d like to think there will be nothing to report.

During my appointment, Dr. W mentioned that I’d called a few times this past month regarding spotting. Oh yes, it’s back! But really, did it ever go away? Hardly. He was mildly concerned, only in that sense that there’s no explanation for it. We’ve ruled out every logical answer. He even asked if I was sure it was vaginal and I was like, umm, yes doc, I know my orifices. So just to make sure we haven’t missed anything, or that nothing new has developed, I get to have a sonogram on the first. Yay!! I’m thrilled to have another sono, for whatever the reason is. Look at your medical stuff… SHOW ME MY BABY! She’s going to be so big and I cannot wait to see how she’s grown in the eight weeks since we last saw her.

We talked about the upcoming delivery. Because, in case you haven’t heard, that’s going to happen. He told me that week 34 is kind of the safety circle, so if we can just get there and she happened to come early there wouldn’t be a whole lot of reason for concern. In fact, if I went in to labor that early he wouldn’t stop it. I then asked how far he’d let me got on the other end, if I cruised passed my due date. And this is why I love him – he just shrugged and said something to the effect of not seeing any reason to do so. I told him I am due on a Monday and he responded that he induces on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So at the latest, we’ll have this baby by 4/28! Do you know how much Type A Personalities LOVE to hear definitive dates they can put on their color-coded calendars?! LIKE SO MUCH!

I also talked to him about my crazy fast heart rate. In the past week or two, I can be sitting perfectly still, we’re talking working/sleeping/watching TV, and my heart rate is at or above 100 bpm. I feel like I’m in the middle of a cardio workout and I’m not even moving. I have to stop and catch my breath. It’s insane. He told me it can be normal due to the increased blood volume moving through my body. And also told me not a whole lot to do about it and since it only lasts 10 or 15 minutes I shouldn’t be too concerned. And I responded that, oh no sir, 10 minutes would be great, this lasts HOURS! And he was like, huh what?! Told me there was a pill he could give me, in the hospital, and it would basically stop my heart. And I was like, umm, motionless cardio works for me. He said if it continues that I can go to the L&D floor at the hospital and they’ll do a heart monitor and see what’s going on. SVT rhythms is what he called it… more mental note for me than anything else.

Finally, I got to go to yoga tonight. I only bring this up because of what happened in the moments before I left. I love this little yoga class I’ve found. As the weeks tick by the class gets smaller and new faces show up… because the other women have reached their due dates. One woman who have sat next to for most of the classes was a real sweetheart. She was older, just 49, and cute as a button as she’d waddle in carrying her twin girls. She was just teeny tiny petite and perfect round with two little girls tucked inside. During our conversations I learned that she’d done the IVF cycle prior to mine. So of course I’m like SOUL MATES! I learned a few days after Christmas that she’d delivered the girls and I was thrilled for her. Then tonight, as I was putting on my shoes, I learned that she passed away a few days ago. I’m so unbelievably shocked and saddened by this news. I just can’t wrap my brain around it. All I can think about is that she wanted those babies so badly, she was so healthy and she worked so hard to have a good pregnancy. And now those little girls won’t get to know their adorable mom and her husband is left without her. What an unbelievably crushing time for that family and my thoughts and prayers are with them. I hope she’s got a front row seat to watch those sweet babies grow-up.