Pregnancy Week 39

April 25th, 2010

You want to know how week 39 was? It was awful. Oh, AND I AM STILL PREGNANT!!

Seriously, I spent the first four days of last week in so much pain that I was pretty much stuck in bed and Shelton stayed home from work three whole days to take care of me. When we went to the doctor’s appointment on Monday, I sat in his waiting room crying in pain. Only to go in there and tell me that there had been NO changes in my dilation from the previous Monday. By Wednesday, I’d decided that four whole days of that nonsense was enough and called the doctor; he asked me to go to the hospital. I spent one entire hour at the hospital and the resident basically shrugged, told me I was 39 weeks pregnant and I needed to go home. Thanks a lot.

He did examine me and the pain was such that I felt like my body was being split in half; because I wasn’t already in enough pain. Add to that that I had actually not bled in about a week, and since the exam Wednesday my little friend is back. Seriously, what gives?!

I’m trying to savor these last days (hours) of my pregnancy, because in all likelihood I’ll never experience it again. It’s a bitter sweet taste to have in my mouth right now. For as tumultuous as this has been, I’ve actually quite enjoyed being pregnant. I so desperately wanted this experience and to share it with my husband and I think we’ve gotten our money’s worth (literally!). It’s truly been amazing and eye-opening and surreal. I’m bursting at the sames (again, literally) to meet her, see her, smell her; and yet, I don’t want to let go of the somersault motion I feel everytime she stretches.

This morning we woke up and I thought to myself “This is the last Sunday morning we’ll have alone in this bed”. And I’m OK with that. We’ll carry her in there each weekend morning to snuggle with us, and one day that curly, ratty mop of hair we’ll figure out how to climb in all by herself. And it will be bliss.

We’re seriously in the any minute now zone. I still can’t believe we made it. This morning we hit 40 weeks and our due date is tomorrow. Six years ago to now has been a very, very long time. Time seems to be standing still suddenly. Sometime between now and really Thursday at the latest (we’ll induce Wed a.m. if we have to) we’ll have a baby. Wow.