The Baby on the Bus

July 7th, 2008

I’m all for people finding creative, interesting ways to get the word out about infertility and help along their own pursuit to start a family. Obviously. wink

That’s why I loved finding this story of a British woman who advertised for an egg donor so that she and her husband could get pregnant. They tried for 14 years to conceive, and went through a few rounds of IVF (including ICSI which is the procedure Shelton and I will use). All without success- due to a blocked fallopian tube, her age and her body stopped producing eggs.

With a desire to still carry a baby of her own – she invested 2,000GBP (~ $4000) to advertise in 50 buses in London. It took three weeks for an anonymous donor to come forward. She delivered her healthy, beautiful little girl on June 3 (my sister’s birthday!).

Good for them and Congratulations!!