Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Or Bust

July 1st, 2008

WHOA! Baby Or Bust turns TWO today!!

That is so insane and seems impossible. I’ve enjoyed every minute of working on this site.

Thank you to Jeremy who got this baby off the ground, without whom this site wouldn’t exist.

Thank you to our dear family and friends who’ve offered their endless support.

Thank you to the thousands and thousands of visitors who’ve stopped by.

Thank you to EVERY one of you who made a donation. The generosity of perfect strangers from around the world still dumbfounds me. We’ve been able to raise $6088.78 and every penny of that is more than I ever anticipated. It is SO appreciated.

Thank you to each person who has bookmarked this site and visits often.

Thank you to the people who’ve sent an email to share their story, or ask for an opinion or advice. We hope we’ve been able to help.

As a second birthday present to each of you and the site, I had planned on updating a number of items that have been a little neglected. I haven’t gotten to it, but hope to do so very, very soon.

We hope you’ll stick around for two or twenty more years as we continue to share our journey.