August 21st, 2007

Before I start, I cannot even believe I’m going to open the gates on this subject. I have a level-headed position on the subject- 99.9% of the time. It’s just one of those subjects right up there with politics and religion you shouldn’t discuss in polite conversation. And we here at BOB are all about polite conversation………… ha!

I was on my FSA provider’s Web site tonight looking through eligible expenses. The very first item under eligible expenses- meaning FSA dollars are approved by the US government- Abortion. You can get an abortion and basically have your insurance cover it.


Not only do I want to KEEP my baby… and have to go to EXTREME measures to get that baby….. my insurance company won’t have a damn thing to do with me!

AND…. AND… the US government will not acknowledge it either.

I also live in a state where it’s legal to carry a gun… but you can’t use a slot machine or buy beer on Sunday.

Right up there with how many licks… I believe this will go down as one of life’s truly unanswerable questions.

On another note- Do not even waste your breath or the muscles in your fingers sending me nasty emails about abortion.

And another note- IVF expenses are covered under FSA.