Congrats are LONG Overdue

August 21st, 2007

I was notified a few weeks ago that some loyal BOB readers, probably since day one, have had a baby. They requested that their names be withheld to protect the innocent. So, I’m honoring that request.

Of all the people who’ve reached out to us in the past year, and been involved with IVF/infertility as well, they’re the first couple to have had a baby. They beat the odds! They won! They said HA-HA in the face of whoever it is that said they couldn’t!

They are in a similar male-factor infertility situation. She was very sweet and said “It is with a little apprehension that I write – but “HUSBAND” says – it should give you guys hope.” Indeed it does, and I was so glad to hear from her.

They welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl in early July. The little gal arrived about a month early- but everyone is happy, healthy and home.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Hopefully this gives a little hope to all of you as well.