October 8th, 2006

A huge thank you is very overdue and so now I’d like to extend that…

THANK YOU to Lesli, Amy, Shellie and Coreen. These women brought us food for the entire week following my surgery. And not just a ham sandwich and a hug- full on dinner with sides and dessert. All of it was delicious and we scarfed up every bite.

This was an incredible gift. My first reaction when I received the offer was to say no. But Lesli said “I know you’re going to want to say “no,” but I’m only going to take “no” for an answer if you’ve lined up a personal chef for the next few weeks”. Who can say no to that?!

Shelton was so busy taking care of me and my not being able to do much without him, eating took a back seat. Thanks to these kind women, we were able to enjoy wonderful meals without any stress or planning.