My Beauty Lies Within

September 21st, 2006

Today I made it over to Dr. T’s office for my follow-up appointment from surgery. I’ve been feeling like a champion and back to 100%. The only complaint I’ve had is that my stitches were still in and my pants/panties were rubbing. I probably should have taken two seconds to slap a bandaid on it to prevent the rubbing, but I didn’t.

Dr. T was wonderful as usual. He explains things slowly, intelligently and not like he’s talking down to me. I appreciate that. I told him I was feeling fine and all-in-all I thought the surgery went well. He agreed. We discussed the endometriosis and he told me he didn’t think it was anything that I need to worry about. If it ever showed its pretty head again, it would be a minor case similar to now. So no effect on my fertility and that was an ENORMOUS relief.

He showed me pictures from the surgery. We also have a copy of these. I told him I had framed them and put them on the mantel. The photos are of my very beautiful ovaries and fallopian tubes. He told me that I had two very beautiful ovaries and I had textbook perfect fallopian tubes. I thought, wow, I really AM beautiful on the inside! All joking aside, he told me that all of my parts are perfect, healthy and prime for baby making and carrying. Now I just need to get a baby “all up in”, as a dear friend of mine says.

He asked where we were with Shelton and his urologist, Dr. G. I told him that we needed to pay Dr. G a lot of money (about $4,000) to do the surgery to retrieve and freeze his sperm. He laughed and said OK. He told me we’re totally on our schedule. If we were 45, he’d have told us we needed to have done all of this yesterday. But the fact that we’re 25 and 26- we’ve got nothing but age on our side and said that we can start as soon as we’re ready. So that was comforting- I don’t feel as rushed as I have.

Believe me, I still want to be a mom and make Shelton a dad and start a family more than anything in the world. I think about it daily and cannot wait for that moment that I realize that this little person will call me mommy. BUT- this gives me more time to save and raise money, more time to alleviate some of the MAJOR stressors in my life and get my body in tip-top shape.

I left with him telling me that I would not need to come back until we were ready to start our first cycle. So, that should be in January if all goes as we hope and plan. In the meantime, we’re signed up for the October IVF class.

I will certainly keep all of you updated as we progesss. Hopefully time between posts will be less than ithas been. Thanks for reading and keeping up with us. And thanks for all the positive, encouraging emails. We’ve made so many new friends in this community and together we’re all going to influence big change in IVF treatment, coverage and expense.