Reflecting on 27

July 20th, 2009

I have to say 27 was one of the better years I’ve had. All those birthday wishes last year paid off! Here are a few of my favorite moments from ‘08-’09.

1. Watched the Yankees win a home game in the old stadium

2. Celebrated our 6th anniversary

3. Welcomed our first niece, Tilton

4. Saw Dave Matthews Band perform for the fourth time, and danced to #41, from our wedding

5. Went to OU opening game

6. Welcomed the Swart twins

7. Visited family in Baltimore, to meet Tilton

8. Welcomed our second niece, Emilee

9. Celebrated Jim’s and Amy’s wedding

10. Saw a Broadway show image

11. Celebrated the New Year with some of our dearest friends

12. Went to the ultrasound to learn my sister was having a girl

13. SXSW in Austin

14. Celebrated Jonathan’s and Nicole’s wedding

15. Celebrated Sarah’s and Andrew’s wedding

16. Started IVF and hoped for the best

17. Welcomed our niece Eleanor

Not to mention a few camping trips, visits with family and countless evenings spent with good friends.

Here’s to 28!