IVF Shots Day Nine

July 22nd, 2009

Wow! Has it seriously been nine days already? This is flying by, I really hadn’t noticed. Today we’ll mark as a good day!

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to tackle some work so that I could take off a few hours this afternoon. My friend and I took her daughter to the zoo and had a great time feeding giraffes, turtles, bunnies and even flirting a bit with a leopard. Mildly sunburned we headed back home where the baby took a nap and I got back to work.

It’s been interesting having them here this week. I think my ovaries are boycotting this whole baby thing now. I’ve watched poop roll out of diapers onto feet UNNOTICED! I’ve listened to screams that would make a dog cry. Heard the word “no” more times than on a high school date. What my ovaries don’t know is that really, it’s all pretty worth it.

Tomorrow we start two-a-days. No, we won’t be practicing football in the sweltering heat, but we will begin doing two shots each day. I’m continuing the Lupron in the mornings for a little while, dropping down to 5iu, and will start the Gonal F in the evenings. I have an ultrasound tomorrow to check-in and see how things are progressing.