IVF Shots Day Eight

July 22nd, 2009

Yesterday was much better than the past few have been. I’m still maintaining this nagging headache, but free of any nausea or hot flashes. I’m still feeling pretty sluggish, but doing my best to rest when I can.

I also spoke with “M” regarding my spotting and it turns out it’s not spotting it’s the real deal. She said that’s it’s OK as I stopped my birth control over the weekend. This is expected and supposed to happen. So clearly I’ve been confused this entire time thinking I was just supposed to skip it. Maybe this is the last one of these I’ll have for a LONG time!!!

Totally unrelated to IVF, my BFF is in town this week and we snuck out to watch Harry Potter last night. Kind of disappointing – what was such a great story in the book seemed like a pretty dull and boring movie. Reaffirming that I’m glad I read the books.