First OB Appointment

September 28th, 2009

Today was the day I got to feel like a normal pregnant person! I had my first OB appointment and it went perfectly. It was actually very uneventful, which feels like a change from my fertility appointments. I’ve been seeing Dr. W for several years, so it just seemed natural to go with him as our obstetrician. His office walls are papered in pics of babies he has delivered, and they all seem to be just fine! I really like him, always have. He’s very laid back, someone I could easily have a beer with and watch football.

Shelton was unable to make this appointment, much to his disappointment. But I assured him there would be many more and he is of course welcome to any of them.

As soon as I checked in I had to go to the bathroom and knew I wouldn’t be able to wait. I asked if I could and was given a cup. Of course. She told me to hang on to it until they called me. So I put it in a secure pocket in my purse and inspected every minute or so to ensure everything was sealed. (Because good Lord I’m not losing my iPhone to an unexpected urine spill in my purse… HELLO!) When I was called back I offered the urine to the nurse and she told me to hold on to it and take it to the lab when I was finished. Sheesh!

Anyway, for the first appointment the nurse and I went over a lot of details and updated my file. She gave me some prenatal info and a guide for what to expect at the upcoming appointments. I was informed of which hospital I will deliver in. Then she did the fetal heartrate and took what seemed like FOREVER to find it. I was like – OH MY GOD! WHERE DID IT GO! DR. T ALWAYS FINDS IT! But sure enough, there it was, just raging at 176bpm.

I’m also up to exactly 140 pounds – that’s a seven pound gain since July when we started IVF. I don’t know if that’s too much or not enough or just right, but no one complained and I’m just going to keep eating!

Dr. W said everything looked fine and that I’m almost out of the woods on the first trimester. Which will be such a relief. I don’t want to rush this pregnancy, but I do want to get over this hurdle.