Pregnancy Week 9

September 27th, 2009

We made it to the double digits! Today starts my tenth week of pregnancy – and so it’s time to recap number nine.

Week nine was 50/50. The first half was miserable. MISERABLE!!! I was certain that was how the next seven months of my life were going to feel. I didn’t keep any food down for five days. The only thing that looked even quasi appetizing was macaroni and cheese, a baked potato, or toast. Shelton did an amazing job taking care of and tending to me. Everything made me nauseous, everything stunk, nothing looked good, all I wanted to do was sleep. The anti-nausea medication prescribed by Dr. T helped somewhat, but I’m certain most days it came right back up with everything else. (And at $118 after insurance, I’m not taking two!)

By Wednesday morning I’d only lost my breakfast and I haven’t been sick since. (Although tonight’s been a bit woozy.) I’ve been managing to get a solid ten hours of sleep on most nights – which is a Godsend that I can’t express just how thoroughly I enjoy. If I’m not stuffing my face (we’re back to the FEED ME NOW ALL THE TIME!! mode), then I would really like to sleep. Weekends are glorious with all the sleeping in and mid-day naps and big breakfasts!!

I made my first maternity purchase this week. Old Navy was having a sale so I grabbed three long-sleeve t-shirts and a black sweater. Some basics I can’t live without at my current size. I’ve never been so damn hot in my life though so I may not ever even want or need to use them. Although, Shelton might put them on as his tenth layer to try to stay warm. Poor thing, he is going to freeze to death this winter. This is certain. Because that A/C is NOT being turned off! I put the shirts away knowing I didn’t really need them yet, but then Saturday I couldn’t take it anymore.

I’m not showing. I’m not trying to be one of those girls who is like OH MY GOD I’M PREGNANT LOOK AT MY BIG BELLY. Because there isn’t one. HOWEVER… I can clearly feel and see a difference in my stomach. Things are snug. So I retired one pair of pants this week and as the temps got colder I realized most of my fall/winter stuff is fairly fitted… meaning it’s snug… and I feel like I’m suffocating when I wear it. So Saturday I wore of the new long sleeve tees and while it definitely has plenty of room to grow into, it was so comfy!

I can definitely see a new roundness to my stomach that wasn’t there previously – but it’s not anything that anyone else is going to notice. Everyone else will probably just think I ate one too many enchiladas (and I probably did!). The really fun part is that it’s feeling really hard. And I don’t know why but I get ten kinds of giddy when I feel and must have Shelton push his fingers into my tummy too so he can confirm that it does in fact feel hard. (Again, probably just the Mexican food.)

And apparently we need more of this – the feeling of the belly and the reminders of the life growing inside. This weekend at the farmer’s market Shelton and I ran in to one of his former co-workers and chatted a minute. When asked if there was anything new going on with him (Shelton), he responded, “no, not really.” And I’m like – umm, WE HAVE ONLY CREATED A LIFE! But I didn’t know this guy and didn’t want to say anything so I just stood there. And when we walked off I said “Shelton, when people ask if there’s anything new, you might let them know you’re going to have a baby.” He laughed and said “oh yeah, I guess I could have said that.”

It’s been pretty uneventful around here otherwise. I’m just trying to take it easy and avoid getting sick at all costs. I’m hoping week 10 goes by quite smoothly!