All Stitched Up and No Where to Go

September 8th, 2006

Well folks, I’m home and doing well. Surgery started at 1 yesterday and I believe we were home by about 4. I spent the whole of the evening sleeping and letting the anesthesia wear off. Since the top off our bed stands about chest-high on me, I’ve moved into the futon in the den- since there is no way in hades I can get myself in and out of the bed. Just not yet.

The surgery went really well. Can I just send out huge kudos to Dr. T and the entire surgical staff. Everyone was wonderful. They asked lots of questions, answered all of mine and made me so comfortable. Having had this surgery before, I can say this entire experience has been 100% better than the previous (which was not done here or by this doctor).

For starters, we were actually able to plan and schedule. My last one was done in the ER at 10pm on a Saturday. I’ve known my doctor for a while now and felt comfortable with him, and as usual, he did a great job. The incisions are significantly smaller and look so much cleaner than last time, too. That was the biggest for me. I know it’s part of the deal, but not having my stomach look like someone chopped it up is kind of important.

They found that the cysts were all gone, which is good news. They were also not able to find the polyp they had suspected. Surgery a bust? Not exactly. We’d suspected that I might have endometriosis and sure enough they found it. I’m a high stage I, low stage II. (this is about the only explanation of the stages I can find on the Web. If you know of a better one, please fwd it).

Knowing that we’re now dealing w/ the Endo definitely explains so many things- like the extended periods, painful cramping and additional pain throughout the month, painful intercourse, etc and so on.  And this means I’ll definitely be going on the birth control. My follow-up is in two weeks and I’ll know more then.

So, I’m just kicked back on the futon. We’re pet-sitting my parents’ dog, Tibet the shih-tzu. She has yet to leave my side, just curls up and sleeps with me. I’m taking my Lortab, which is probably the only money-saving part of this surgery. Here’s a tip- I had my wisdom teeth removed last year and still had a full Rx of Lortab (hydrocodone). I also have a near full Rx of Tylenol 3 from a procedure last month. I took these with me to surgery yesterday and the doc said there was no sense in refilling and paying for a new one since I already had these. If you already have these necessary meds on hand, make sure it’s OK with your doctor and avoid the cost of a new Rx.

I walk around a little bit- mostly to go the bathroom or wander into the kitchen. I get tired quickly, but know I need the exercise. Shelton has been absolutely amazing. He takes such good care of me. I’m such a lucky girl!! This morning he whipped up blueberry muffins. My appetite is small though so I ate what I could.

Thanks to all of you for the emails with notes of prayer and well-wishing. It means so much. We are on the upward climb from here. More news to come soon.