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Another Great Idea

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

A friend forwarded a link today to this story, about an Ohio couple trying to adopt. They are selling some tickets on EBay for prime seats to this Saturday’s Michigan/Ohio game so that they can raise the money they need for their expensive adoption… as all adoptions are so expensive.

I applaud their wonderful idea and hope that they fetch a very pretty penny for those tickets, and get that much closer to their baby.

I’ve been all over the internet and Ebay today trying to find the auction page or a site with contact information. I’d love to make a donation in BabyOrBust’s name… since I don’t really need football tickets. If this couple or someone who knows them sees this, or you have a link, please send it to us. We’d love to get in touch with them.

Bravo to more creative efforts to raise money for having babies!!!