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Dear Paisley: Month 10

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Walking…Talking… Oh little girl you are rocking!

Sorry for the super lame rhyme but I couldn’t help myself. I mean, your two biggest accomplishments this month rhyme!

Yes, you are walking. Last month you started and it was a wobbly adventure. Now? Holy balls Paisley you don’t stop moving! Ever! Everywhere you go your arms are straight up in the air as if you’re constantly being held up for the Cheerios you keep nestled in each hand at all times. Sometimes there is a toy in one hand, sometimes there is a toy in both hands. You have such a command of the upstairs that I honestly don’t worry about you. You cruise in and out of the living room to the kitchen, your bedroom, over to the dining room and back again. If I can’t find you, odds are you’re perched right in front of your bookshelf, which you ransack on a daily basis (right after cleaning out my purse and wallet).

You love books! It warms my heart to a point you can’t possibly understand to see you loving your books. I was the same way, and as an esteemed member of my first grade class’s bluebird reading group (ahem, read “advanced”) I hope to welcome you in to the club of the word-proficient. (PS, numbers are for losers and you really don’t need them. I mean, what can you spell with a number? NOTHING! Unless you spell “BOOBIES” upside down on your calculator.) You will walk in to your room and always come walking out with a book in your hand. You bring it to us and have this adorable look in your eyes just begging us to read it. Of course, we always do. And after that one, there comes another. Katie Duck, The Belly Button Book, Goodnight Moon and The Goodnight Book are a few of your faves. On the rare occasion that you bring The Runaway Bunny (which is going in our next garage sale) I hide it and select a different book.

You are starting to talk. I absolutely love it! I had this enlightening moment the other day when I realized you were actually talking to me. You were just squawking and standing under my legs. Exhausted, I just kept going “What?!” Then, I realized, it was a completely different behavior for you. The way you were touching my leg, the way you were screaming, it was so unlike you. So I looked down and said “Are you hungry,” and you responded “yuh!” Umm, we just had our first Q&A. I handed you a graham cracker and off you toddled as content as could be. We really are going to get along just fine.

Words you definitely say are “uh-oh,” your first word; “daddy,” which comes out sounding like “die”; “yes” and “no”; it’s entirely possible you’re saying “thanks.” You’re signing “all done” and this has become invaluable! In fact, in the last couple of days you say “duh” while you do it, which thrills me that you’re using the sign with a word, or at least your version of the word. You usually bat your spoon away and fling food all over everyone when you’re finished eating, but now you just throw your hands in the air and wiggle your fingers. And you know what? If I try to put one more bite in your mouth you shake your head and put your hands in front of your face. In other words, you mean it. Done means done.

Those hands of yours are busy. There is so much you do with them these days, more signs that you and your world are becoming so much more acquainted. When we go to retrieve you from your crib in the morning, you look at us with almost panic in your eyes and scurry to grab your “fuzzy,” your favorite blanket, and tuck it under your arm. You will not vacate the crib without the fuzzy.

You have started mimicking the motions for “Itsy, Bitsy Spider.” As soon as I start singing it you put your first fingers and thumbs together and do this little wiggly dance with your hands. When we’re done you clap. You also clap along with “Happy and You Know it.” You clap when we say “yay!” and you clap when you just feel like something is really great! You wave hi and bye, but seem to prefer waving bye. You also get the biggest kick out of turning light switches off. In fact, your daddy and I always let you turn off the nursery light after a diaper change, and this seems to be an agreeable treat for the trauma we put you through. Because, having someone wipe poop off of your bum it’s so awful… for you.

What has been awful for you this month is your cold. It’s a virus that, much like the carrier monkeys who’ve gone before you, has infiltrated our entire home. You and daddy had it the worst, with both of you on antibiotics. Clearly I’m the strongest of the three of us and I was only brought to my knees with skull-pounding headaches and a sore throat that lasted two weeks and felt like I swallowed a softball.

We’ve also discovered an allergy. You broke out in hives one Saturday night and by that Monday morning they had not only not gone away but gotten worse. Everyone has their money on tomatoes or antibiotics. I for one hope it’s not tomatoes. I mean, what kind of life would you have if you couldn’t eat salsa? Or that pasta with roasted tomatoes at Yia Yia’s. These, my love, are what we tend to refer to as “white girl problems.” I’m going to do my best to raise you in such a way that you recognize what the real “what kind of life” problems are, and to enjoy your life enough to have a few of the insignificant problems as well.

I swear you do something everyday that’s new. This week you learned high-fives with Grandma Rochelle and have started mimicking when I blow kisses. You even like to give me kisses and I swear my heart falls apart every time you do it. I want to brag about you to everyone I meet. You are so smart! You are so funny! You are gorgeous!

Just as I’m trying to avoid the “countdown of doom” to my 30th birthday, I’m also trying not to treat your upcoming 1st birthday the same way. These should be celebrations, not mourning the time that is slipping lickety split out of my hands. So, I do everything I can every day to just soak you up. I can’t remember it all. What I’ve shared here is such a minuscule recap of who you are, however, it perfectly summarizes the exciting month we’ve had together.

This weekend we’re off to celebrate your first Ayyam-i-ha with the Koskies in Oklahoma City, complete with your first holiday-themed craft project as a gift to Oma and Papa.

(This pic is me at 7 months and you at 9 months wearing the dress that my great great grandma Kelly made. She was your great great great grandma.)

This, my love, is what we call the good life.

I love you bug-


Dear Paisley: Month 8

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Dear Paisley,

Hi! Hello! Hey there! You started waving the week of Christmas and are just too darn cute when you do it. Your Barbie hand faces you and you just wiggle and stretch your fingers into an adorable little wave. Sometimes you wave toward the person you’re saying hi to. You definitely “get” what you’re doing and smile so big!

Yes, I said Christmas. We made it to Christmas with you and we’re all still standing. We actually kept your first Christmas relatively tame. We’re realists when it comes to this kind of stuff so we didn’t exactly bring out the fireworks and ponies. We even asked Santa to take it easy and he obliged, filling your stocking with new socks that will actually fit you, a jar of puffs, some new barrettes (for when you have hair), and a cage to keep you in and off of the stairs. Aunties and friends were also asked not to get too crazy, considering you would be content eating tissue paper and have no recollection of this day. So, you received a lot of new story books and diapers. Not sure if you cared, but mama was really happy! I can remember waking up pregnant the Christmas before saying to myself, “this time next year I’ll have a baby.” I won’t lie, it was pretty special waking up with you on Christmas morning, all cozy in your “Baby’s First Christmas” PJs. We celebrated with Grandpa Dean, Grandma Lori, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Larenda, Aunt Jenna, Eric and Cousin Ellie, and of course, mommy and daddy.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit to Santa. Your daddy very generously volunteered his time to play Santa at Heartspring, because that jolly old man needs lots of helpers out here. We thought it would be rather sweet that your first visit with Santa was your daddy; you thought it was pretty awful. The second he touched you you freaked out screaming. The pitiful look on your face said “why would you do this to me?” as tears streamed out of your eyes. We of course made you endure it long enough to snap a few classic photos!

Before I had to leave for a week in LA to cover the Biggest Loser finale, and maybe hide out in a beach house for a few days, you started acting like you might want to crawl. By the time I got back you were fully mobile. It’s not a hands-and-knees crawl, but an army crawl that suits you just fine and gets you from A to B to C all the way to Z. When we walk away, and you want us, here you come!

Your walking has improved and I expect you to take off any time now. Cruising furniture is old hat, now you like to transfer from piece to piece, whether that be chair to chair in the dining room or hearth to toy basket along daddy’s leg to the couch and over to mommy.

One of your new favorite things is to sit in your high-chair and eat puffs or Cheerios. 90% of them end up on the floor, 5% of them in your diaper, 3% of them under the cover of your seat, and the other 2% are lucky to make it in to your mouth! And your solid foods are slowly moving out of just purees to some other fun stuff. For instance, you love to take bites off of a whole bananas. Sometimes it’s a bite that sized just right for your tiny mouth, other times it’s 1/3 of the banana. I’ve also given you chunks of frozen pear and you love to suck and chew on these… like a baby popsicle!

The detachment has started and it’s making us crazy. You only want one of us and no matter how happy you are, if we try to hand you off or walk away you break out in to hysterics. We’re doing our best to not really acknowledge the situation, we just keep smiling, tell you you’re fine and go on with what we were doing. Sure, it’s heartbreaking to her you cry, but I also can’t hold your hand forever. And it’s not like I’m leaving you in the hands of freaks… it’s always some relative, or, wait I take the freaks back….

Other than that you do so much and change so much every day that I honestly can’t keep up. We’re both putty in your hands and love you in a way that is completely indescribably and, honestly, incomprehensible. I can’t believe we’re just a few short months away from your first birthday. When I marvel at how much you’ve changed in just eight months, I don’t think my heart can take what the first part of 2011 has in store for us.

I love you my bug!


Dear Paisley: Month 7

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Dear Paisley,

Just yesterday you turned seven-months old, and it occurs to me that you are now closer to turning one than you are to your birth date. It’s going so fast and I don’t know how to make it stop, or even pause. This week was Thanksgiving, your first. You had pumpkin, sweet potatoes and cranberries with apple. All homemade purees, of course! I’ve cried more in the past few days than I have in a long time because I’m so overwhelmed by how thankful I am for you. Back in the old days, when we still celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, we used to one by one go around the table each year and say what we were thankful for. If we’d done that this year, I would have named you. I’m so at a loss for words lately trying to summarize how I feel about you, what you mean to me and how deeply your presence has changed me. I marvel at your every movement and sound, and could get so lost in your deep blue eyes that I might not ever find my way back. This is what “they” were always talking about. This is what I longed for for so long.

This month, once again, I had to leave for a week for work. This time to New York and Grandma Lori stayed with you. I think the two of you got along just fine, and I know she enjoyed having you all to herself for an entire week! Each time I return home from a trip you have something to show off, and this time, you and daddy together had something to show off together. He spent his free time with you during my absence teaching you how to stand. Maybe not teaching, more like encouraging. You’ve been insistent on standing since you came home from the hospital, and here recently it’s all you want to do. You yell at us if you aren’t standing, and squeal with pure unadulterated delight when you’re doing it. You beam with a smile so large it’s hard to harness the pride you feel for yourself. Deservedly so, I say. Just before hitting your seventh month you stand. You can pull yourself up, you LOVE holding our hands and walking around, and you cruise along the furniture. You even transfer from one object to another, like from the coffee table to the sofa. It’s unbelievable. Your little legs just go! go! go! And you damn the man who tries to get in your way. When we visited Dr. H last week (following three days of fever that turned out to be nothing… and weighing a whopping 16 pounds!), we showed you standing, completely unassisted, and he was impressed, asking if you were nine months yet, and we replied that no, you weren’t quite seven months yet. Nice work, kiddo!

All of this to say that you show no interest in crawling. That action couldn’t be further from your plan of getting from A to Z. When we lie you on your belly, or you end up there from rolling around, it doesn’t take long for you to become completely annoyed with the situation and demand we flip you over. Sometimes it’s like watching a turtle flipped on its shell… and I giggle. Once I caught you lifted up on all fours and I about died! It was after a bath and I just kept screaming until you finally collapsed. And once again, you beamed with pride! You’ll roll around to get where you need to go sometimes, and you’ll spin in 360-degree circles grabbing different toys; but you always go back to standing.

You’re mobile and it’s exhausting. I feel like I can’t keep up with you… and you’re not actually walking on your own. I’m already daydreaming about the barricades I’m going to have to create to keep you contained. Although, I have a feeling, metaphorically speaking, that there won’t ever be a barricade strong enough to hold you in it.

Not only are your legs moving, but your mouth is moving. Lord help us! You are so full of ba-ba-ba, da-da-da, shrieks, screams, grunts, growls and other Paisley-isms that I have no doubt you’ll be a very verbal little girl. From these sounds it’s so easy to pick out your mood, opinion, demands or concerns. You’ve still yet to really figure out how to laugh. Once in a great while we’ll get a giggle or two out of you, but the rest of the time you express joy by growling. When you wake up, or are simply content, you have this teeny tiny sing-song voice that you just la-la-la yourself with. Your daddy and I agree that it’s hands down the best sound we’ve ever heard.

We hear these sounds when you call to us at 2am, or when you’re yelling at us 9pm. Why? Because suddenly you don’t want to sleep! What gives? We want to sleep. We love sleeping. You’ve always been on the same wavelength. And now? I can’t deal with this. I’ve always said bring on the poop-bomb diapers, the weird eating habits, the crying and the screaming but for the love of all things holy just let us all sleep! I keep telling myself it’s a brief phase, likely due to the recent time change, possible start of a new round of teething, or maybe a growth spurt. Whatever it is, I hope we’re able to move past it without anyone being harmed.

You spend most of your days hanging out with cousin Ellie. I can’t tell you how much I adore watching the two of you play together. The two of you love each other in a way I didn’t know was possible. You both ooze with excitement when you see each other and play so very well together. When Ellie walks in the house, you growl and start flapping your arms, while Ellie runs straight to you to hug you and kiss you. She has started calling you “joo-joon”. (Over Thanksgiving we spent time in OKC and cousin Emilee has started calling you “Fifi”.)

For as close as the two of you are though, Ellie did try to kill you. You were watching Jungle Book together one afternoon while I was working. Ellie had a plate of little apples to snack on and, being the generous sharer that she is, gave you one. Well, I thought it was only one. I watched her try to place it in your mouth and snatched it up, telling her we can’t feed you. Then I looked at you to see your mouth wide open and heard the struggling sound of your breathing, and my heart froze cold. You were choking. I could feel the apple sitting in your throat and tried to fish it out with my finger, but I couldn’t get to it. Panic-stricken I dialed 911 and began screaming “SHE’S CHOKING!” over and over. I can’t tell you how sick I felt inside, my skin cold and clammy and my muscles like Jell-O. Definitevely the worst moment of my life. I managed to gag you and make you throw up, no apple, but you were crying. At that point I just started yelling “IF SHE’S SCREAMING SHE’S BREATHING, RIGHT?!” And you were. By the time the three-person fire team arrived, followed by the three-person paramedic team, you were sitting on my lap smiling. I was shaking like a tree, crying and trying to collect myself. They checked you out and you were, of course, fine.

You continue to grow and amaze us in so many ways. You like to blow raspberries while I’m feeding you and shower us with pureed food. You like most things we’ve fed you, and for those you don’t, we simply add some mashed bananas and you’re good to go. You grow to be more beautiful by the day and I marvel at the fact that we made you. In a dish. In a lab. And then you grew inside of me. It’s quite bizarre when you think about it. Maybe this is why you’re so strong.

Jury is still out on whether or not your hair will be curly or red. I’m leaning toward auburn and straight. Only time will tell, and if it keeps growing at this rate, we should know soon!

I’m looking forward to finishing 2010 with you more than you know. And celebrating your next big milestone, no matter what it might be.

I love you, my buggy!


Dear Paisley: Month 6

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

“You are the best thing, that’s ever been mine.”

A new Taylor Swift song came out last week, “Mine”, and as soon as I heard that line I thought of you. It’s so very true. Burn this house to the ground and everything in it, as long as I’ve got you (and that daddy man) I can’t think of a whole lot else I want or need.

Six months has never felt so brief, and yet so fulfilling, as it has with you. In the same amount of time that you’ve been here, we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. (Pardon me while I bawl my eyes out.) You’ve changed me and my life in such profound ways that if I tried I feel like I couldn’t find my way back to where I was even a year ago. Most of the time I wouldn’t want to. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have days where I’d willingly run back.

You’ve absolutely come out of your little baby shell this month. You’re funny! The faces and sounds you make crack me up! And while your BIG ADVENTURES are usually as simple as finding your ears (which you did), finding your tongue (which you did) or tasting a new food (which you did a lot of), they are some of the most thrilling moments. I love getting to experience all of it with you.

You now have two little teeth right in front. They are sharp as razors, and I know this because you were chewing my chin yesterday (I didn’t ask either) and you bit me. These teeth are used for gnawing absolutely anything you can get your little Barbie hands wrapped around (we call them that because you never open your fingers!). The teeth aren’t that essential to eating right now since it’s all liquified this or pureed that.

You have been the best little eater and I’ve so enjoyed making your food! You’ve tried: green beans, squash, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados. Pumpkin you didn’t love, so we mixed it with bananas, calling it “jack-o-nanners,” and you were into it then. Same with the avocados. Everything else you lap up like chocolate cake! When you get really excited about what you’re eating you blow raspberries and spray whatever is in your mouth all over yourself, us and anything else in your splatter path. You also eat cereal with pear juice every morning. The bottle is still your buddy. You come unglued when you see it, stick out your tongue, start “talking” and flapping your arms. When it’s close enough, you grab the bottle and pull it in to your mouth, and, if I happen to be tied up with work, you’ll curl up in your boppy and feed yourself. It’s the most bittersweet thing – I love curling up with you to feed you, and yet I love the freedom this is affording us.

Your other new trick is sitting up. All by yourself. No support. And you’ll do this for like half an hour. You play with your toys, pull on your feet and occassionally topple over. It makes me laugh every time. Once I’ve assessed your safety. Sometimes. You just look SO BIG sitting there!

Bath time has changed as a result of the sitting because now you don’t have to just lay there like a baby, you get to sit like a big girl! You love it! You splash so hard and squeal so loudly! You like having a toy or two to play with and if we’re in the tub with you we let you swim like a little froggy. You revel in bath time and if you could ask for them I think you would.

When we prop you up against the couch or a chair you’ll use your hands for support and stand on your own for several minutes. You look, and think you are, so big doing this! It’s your fave and I have no doubt you’ll take off walking any day now.

Your biggest adventure this month was camping. Camping is one of our favorite things to do and we were so excited to take you on this trip. I was nervous but you proved to be a truly happy camper and didn’t give us an ounce of trouble. You were too cute for words with your little stocking cap on your head and when you were all bundled up like a glow-worm in the tent. We forgot to pack our blankets (and it dipped into the 30s at night) so you were so much warmer than we were and I longingly looked at your fuzzy blankets and footy pajamas wishing someone had packed for me, too! Upon our arrival home you had a 102.5 fever. We’re still newbs, so we took you to the ER. The catheter they gave you was probably one of the most heart-wrenching, painful moments of my life and the nurses were so kind and so gentle but that was nothing in the face of that shrill, piercing scream. I wanted to hold you and never let you go. (PS there was nothing wrong with you)

Finally, we were on the eve of your first Halloween this month. I skipped the costume route and just dressed you up. Amen for Aunt Jenna, she made your big obnoxious tutu and aaaadorable spider bow! You were the belle of pumpkin patch we visited and were an absolute delight as we propped you, posed you and played with you.

You, my dear, are perfection. You are more fun each and ever day making it impossible to imagine it’s going to get better.

Love you Bug!


Dear Paisley: Month 5

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Oh my dearest Paisley Joon. You have just plain sucked my spare time away. It no longer exists. Which is why we’re a week in to October and just like last month I’m only just now writing your letter. What I really, really hate about this is that I’m struggling to remember the things I want to say.Which is why right now I’m going to start making myself notes throughout the month so I can just fill in the blanks on the 27th. Hopefully that sticks.

The fact that I don’t have any spare time anymore doesn’t totally bother me. I spend that time with you now, and there’s no better time in the world. You light up when you see us, and we beam even brighter when we see you. The greatest 10 minutes of my ENTIRE day… 10 minutes out of a 24-hour cycle… is from the time I hear you first start chattering to yourself in your crib until your daddy and I are changing your diaper. That time in between is a bliss that makes a mojito on the beach feel like hell on earth. I positively love walking up to your crib and you make that horrifying suffocation sound that for now is how you express pure, unadulterated joy. You wiggle around in your “fuzzy” and then your daddy and I wrestle for who gets to scoop you up and suck in your warmth and smell that can only come from 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep. (Yeah, you heard me, 11 hours! Boom!) We snuggle and coo at each other… and then we change your diaper and the fairy tale is over. Not because of some villainous find in your diaper, but you start fussing and crying tell us to bug off and leave your undies alone.

This month you took your first road trip. Well, you’ve made several trips to OKC and back already, but we did an 8-hour road trip to Denver to see the Sanchezes. You were a dream. Better than I could have hoped for. You slept about five of the eight-hour drive and the few hours you were awake you were happy and pleasant. Part of keeping you content meant I drove and daddy sat in the backseat with you and the two of you watched DiggNation on the iPad. (We really are going to turn you in to a geek, aren’t we?) You were your typical happy cheery self for most of the trip, and per usual, when you were tired, hungry or dirty, you made sure everyone knew it.

We drove to the top of Mount Evans, a 14,000-foot mountain, visited mountain goats along the way, and then took in an epic view at the top. I was scared your ears would pop, but you never gave any indication that you were uncomfortable. And being the outdoor-loving girl that you are, you seemed to completely enjoy the time outside.

We also took you to your first OU football game, opening day for the 2010 season. The Denver OU club was hosting a watch party at a downtown bar. We’re classy parents, so it wasn’t your first trip to a bar. No big deal, right? Well, it was your first bar with 200+ screaming OU fans and you weren’t having any of it. Your daddy was adorably protective of you. I, on the otherhand, just wanted to watch the football game. When the first BOOMER! SOONER! volley occurred, you lost your mind and screamed hysterically. Sarah and Jeremy made a move to get checks while your dad and I hustled you out to the car. You were too adorable in your vintage OU onesie, jeans, and a custom-made red and white football bow from Aunt Jenna. I could have eaten you. PS – we won the game!

We survived another mommy trip away. Oma stayed with you and daddy for a week while I went to Utah to visit the Biggest Loser Resort. It was an amazing trip that was SO good for me in so many ways. I was away a painful eight entire days and I missed you so much that I cried myself to sleep a few nights. Thanks to Steve Jobs, we were able to “Facetime” each night. With the video chat on our phones you and I played peek-a-boo, talked, sang and made goggly eyes at each other. Short of being there to drink up your scent, it was as good as it gets. The ache in my heart only fueled my desire to kick all of those workouts and hikes in the butt so I could return to you a stronger, happier, healthier mommy. You are very much the driving force behind me running this half-marathon soon, I want you to be proud of me and I want to be a healthy role model for you. I’ve never been a runner, but because of you, I feel like I could scale mountains. And I’m working on it!

Right before I left for that trip we introduced veggies. I’m making your food and I couldn’t be more excited about this. I love cooking and this means I get to share that passion with you long before I have to cut up your fish tacos in teensy little bites. I steamed and pureed a big batch of squash, zucchini and carrots. All organic for a total of $7.54. For six weeks worth of food. Unreal. You’ve liked everything I’ve given you. In fact, you don’t just lacksadaisically lounge in your high chair waiting for a bite, you lunge for the spoon and screech between bites if I don’t shovel it in fast enough. You and I make a great feeding team, little mess, empty bowls. You and daddy on the other hand get frustrated with one another, make a big mess and even had an incident where he syphoned the squash into a straw and in to your mouth. Bizarre? Yes. Happen again? No.

Aunt Jenna and cousin Ellie moved to town at the end of August, so you’ve had a lot of time to get to know them. You and Ellie adore one another and it’s heartwarming to see the interaction the two of you share. You see each other each and every day of the work week, and on the days Ellie can’t come, I swear I can sense your longing for her. Why are you together so much? Because you share a sitter. Yes, mommy sprung for a nanny. We’ll call her “N” and we love her. She’s been an amazing addition to our home. For six hours a day you cuddle and play with her while I work. We share her with Ellie and the three of you have become fast pals. The first few times I handed you off you weren’t impressed, but now you light up when “N” arrives in the morning. Ideally I could spend all day with you, but mama’s gots bills to pay (namely, still paying for you!!) and I can’t work and bounce you on one knee. As much as I’d like to think I can. It’s not like I have to leave you somewhere though. “N” comes here, and I work downstairs in my office, so we’re only a few feet away. I can hear you giggling and playing during the day and it just makes my whole day better. When I need a squeeze or you need a cuddle, I can get to you in a matter of seconds.

The next one of these I write will be summarizing your sixth month and I want to cry saying that outloud. We measured you at roughly 14 pounds and 25″ long. You’re becoming a real person with a real personality. As much as I love it, I’d like you to just slow down.

Love you Chicky-Boom!


Dear Paisley – Month 4

Monday, September 13th, 2010

What kind of mother am I? A painfully busy one, which is why it’s September 13, and Paisley hit four months like three weeks ago or something. I honestly wrote this on Aug. 26, with every intention of publishing on Aug. 27, but alas, my dumb ‘ole life went and got in the way. I could of course already fill volumes with the amazing things she’s done since then… but you’ll just have to wait until Sept. 27… or October 13!

I seriously don’t even know where the time has gone. We’re on the cusp of fall, you’re four-months old and I can’t believe you’re not so tiny any more. You are a full-fledged baby. I love watching your personality blossom. You have strong opinions about things and when you aren’t getting the attention you need you’ll make this playful songbird sound like “Hey guys, I’m cute and I’m over here.”

Verbally you have really grown. You “talk” and coo all the time, babbling on and on telling us what I know are very grand stories. This is typically how we find you in the morning. I’m so glad you don’t wake up screaming and crying; you now spend 30 minutes or so singing and cooing to yourself in bed. And when we finally arrive to collect you, you are literally bursting with smiles. Morning is your best time of the day. You are happy, engaged, vocal and very playful.

You are a playful, active little thing. The more one-on-one attention you can get, the better for you (not always for us!). Your arms and legs never stop moving. Ever. You’ve discovered your hands are much more than a sucking toy, although they maintain that day job (fists balled up shoved in your mouth ALL the time), but you have discovered you can hold things, grab toys, reach for our faces, and you’ve even successfully held your bottle a few times. You found that your feet fit right inside your mouth and you’ve always got a handful of foot and toes and occasionally take a bite.

Your favorite toy is the crunchy butterfly toy. You l-o-v-e this thing. I have no idea where it even came from. We place it on the tray on your exersaucer and you always navigate to it and just coo with delight and start fidgeting with her. The exersaucer is so great for you. You can’t get enough standing, whether in that alone or while someone is holding you. You spin around hitting each of the little centers and playing with the toys we leave around for you. You’ve even stood on your own for about 45 seconds!

Not sure if we’re raising a little narcissist or not but you absolutely love that baby in the mirror! In a way you don’t do for real live humans, when you catch your reflection you get ten kinds of excited. It’s actually very cute.

You still still love bath time. You’re taking more by yourself, learning to splash in the water, and you rarely fuss during the exit. We still take baths with you, and I know it’s something we both enjoy doing. It’s just a great bonding time. You completely zen out like an old lady after a hard day. The only thing you’re missing is a glass of wine and a trashy celebrity rag. You really love when we turn on the jets.

We got to take you to Raz’s and Dave’s wedding last weekend and show you off. It was so much fun catching up with so many friends in the Baha’i community, not to mention getting you all dolled up. Second behind the bride of course, you were the prettiest girl there!

This month we introduced you to solid foods, having a tablespoon of rice cereal after your evening bottle. In a word, you hate it. You hate us for making you eat it. You hate the world for growing it. On a scale of love it to hate it, you wish we would die. Your daddy captured the moment perfectly during your very first feeding. You gagged and choked and cried and I laughed harder than was probably appropriate.

I’ve decided that you are the one-hit-wonder of baby milestones. You’ve laughed. Once. You’ve rolled over. Once. You do these amazing things and then you’re like, OK, what’s next? Breaks my heart a bit because I get so excited to see you do more of it. Your first laugh was while Grandma Lori was prepping you for a bath. She was tickling you and you started giggling. Real giggles and I swear I stopped dead in my tracks and the feeling inside was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I was so overjoyed that it hurt. Quite possibly the best sound I’ve ever heard.

Next of course to the one you make first thing in the morning.

You get better and better every single day. I’m excited to see your hair growing and how you continue to just astound us.

I love you tiny bits!