Dear Paisley: Month 27

June 26th, 2012

Subtitle: June 2012, or Dear Paisley vers. 2.2

Hello Summer! Hello Crazy Baby! Look who decided to just take off in a giant pool of water like a “shiffy,” (fishy — thanks for that one Ellie!). I could not believe it!!

With the sun staying up well past your bedtime, we’ve had to just said bedtime a time or fifty. I’m not complaining, it’s been kind of fun to have you up a little later. Whether we’re taking a walk, having a later dinner, or just hanging out together, it’s been kind of nice to not feel so married to 8:00. It’s summer, kids are supposed to go to bed “whenever,” and you should be any different. You handle it like a champ, so it’s really not an issue. And frankly, I like your company.

I think you’re getting closer to a “big girl bed.” #Tear You’ve asked to sleep in “the big bed,” or “Ellie’s bed” (aka the futon) a few times in the last month and we’ve obliged. I mean, why not? You always fall right to sleep up there and stay that way until morning. It’s good practice for all of us. I can’t help but gush over just how big you are when laying in that bed. I’m going to miss my crib baby when that time comes.

And speaking of gushing, no single milestone of yours has brought me to my knees the way potty training has. You are officially potty training and doing pretty well! Oma let us borrow the “frog potty” from Emilee and that seems to have sold you where the insert seats wouldn’t. We’ve had nights where you’ve gone as many as SIX times! You’re pretty much naked from the waist down any time we’re home, and have even donned the big girl panties a few times. You don’t make a big deal of it, you’ll nonchalantly tell us “I need sit on my frog potty,” or just sneak in to the hall on your own. You’ll sit for a few minutes and if it’s not working tell me “I not can.” Or, as if it’s no big deal at all, tell me “I did it!” Your daddy and I go nuts with cheers and high fives! You’re pretty proud of yourself, too. The first time you did it I was carrying the little bowl to the bathroom and just completely fell apart. I was crying so hard your daddy had to finish cleaning up. My baby is not a baby any more.

You are just so darn big. You’re smart, SO SMART, and funny, and kind, and such a little character. I truly enjoy being around you and I’m always anticipating what you’ll say next. Which is an impossible task because no one knows what you’re going to say next!

The most shocking thing you’ve said this month is reciting your books. I won’t be so blind as to call it “reading,” but OMG this is how it starts! You have a set of Sesame Street books (that you call “Elmo Streets”) and you insist on reading the entire set 2 or 3 times a day, at least. I’ve started pausing at certain points on each page and you’ll fill in a word or two or finish the page. It’s unreal! I’m just so proud of you. With your entire alphabet down, and you even saying things like “p-p-p-p-PEE!” and “s-s-s-s-ESS!”, we should have you reading all of your stories by, like, Halloween. Just kidding!

One of the things you and I really love to do together is cook. For several months we’ve kept a step-stool in the kitchen where you can climb up and work with me at the counter, or just watch. I really try to give you small tasks that you can handle. We especially like making pancakes together on the weekend; blueberry pancakes in particular. You crack the eggs, drop in all of the ingredients, and stir. I’m just there to fish out the egg shells and measure. You really love helping me and get so excited when I offer. I hope it’s the foundation for a love of food!

You and daddy and I took a little Saturday night off recently and headed to the drive-in movie. You’ve been before, but you were a months-old nugget. So this was really your first trip the drive-in. We watched Madagascar 3, which you keep excitedly calling “The Animals!” You were perfect, even with being awake until 11:00. You switched between snuggling in your “bean chair” and lying in your sleeping bag in the back Xterra. You snacked on strawberries, and goldfish, and even took a walk behind the bushes to touch the pole that holds up the screen, thanks to daddy.

At 2 years and 2 months, you’re becoming quite a little girl. LITTLE still being the operative word there. I mean, you’re wearing your 12-months clothes and it’s a miracle I found undies that fit you without having to binder-clip them to you. You love shopping at Target. Anytime we run out of anything you tell me, “Mama, you go target, get [item X]”. You also recently told me, “”mama you go in kitchen for me. Mama you clean.” You got pretty ridiculously sick this month, but handled it like a champ. A few days of solid 103-degree temperatures does not make for a calm mommy, but we handled it. Blood and urine tests and all.

We also had to say goodbye to Jessica this month, your beloved nanny. I don’t think we’ll ever find anyone to truly replace her. I love the way you loved her and how out-of-your-mind excited you would get every morning when she arrived. I think we all learned a few tricks from her – like cream cheese on toast and the “whiny spot”. I hope she knows how much she’ll be missed, especially by you! I mean, you were 8 months old when she started; she certainly watched you grow to the little girl you’ve become!

A little girl with the brightest blue eyes, the whispiest little curls that frame your head like a halo, who likes and can name every single Disney princess (without having ever watched most of them), who likes sharing Andes mints with daddy and going to A-Pote-Lee (chipotle) with mama, who twirls, and sings, and giggles, and makes everyone she meets fall in love with her.

When you start frustrating me, like when you kick off your shoes in the car, you very endearingly say, “mama, I make you crazy.” And you do, absolutely, but in the best way possible.

I love you bug–


last image via Dana Shultz