Week 30 OB Appointment

February 15th, 2010

Today kicked off the start of two-week appointments. We’re getting so close with only 10 weeks until our due date!

Given last week’s kidney stone incident, my appointment this morning was pretty short and sweet. I confirmed that the stone had passed and that I’m regaining my energy and feeling normal again. Dr. W just sympathetically laughed and shook his head repeating that he couldn’t believe this, on top of everything else, had happened to me. Word, doc. Word.

Baby’s heartbeat was solid, my belly measured fine and I was also thrilled to see I hadn’t gained a pound since my appointment three weeks ago. In fact, I lost about a half pound. So I’m still riding under the 160 mark and I’m glad.

Test results from my gestational diabetes screen a few weeks ago showed that all of my levels were normal. My iron is borderline but he wasn’t concerned, as long as I continue to take my prenatal vitamin.

I also got permission to return to my yoga class and to end the “vaginal rest” – my husband will be thrilled!

Other than that, I think this is officially what you call the home stretch.