Rhea Lana Sale in Wichita

March 9th, 2010

I am so excited about this sale because there is still SO much we need for our little bambino and I have no qualms picking it up on the cheap. And that’s what you can do at the Rhea Lana sale. It’s a huge consignment sale and they’re quite picky about what gets to be in the sale – so that means you don’t have to rummage through junk. It’s all clean, like-new, usable.

I have not been myself, but my sister has in another city and she raves about it. So when she alerted me to the one in Wichita March 27-29 I was stoked!

So, you can either make money at the Rhea Lana sale or spend it (but very little of it), or both! In fact, last weekend my sister said she got 40 outfits and spent $30.

  • They really need consignors. So gather up all that baby/kid stuff, clean it up, make sure it’s in great condition, get signed up, and then earn 70% of the price. Consignor Details
  • They really need shoppers. Learn more about what they have.
  • If you’re a Mom to Be like me, click here to get an early bird pass to shop before everyone else.

You can bet I’ll be there grabbing some of those last few things we need for the nursery. If you plan on going, visit the Web site, and here are the other details:

We will be open to the public March 27th – 29th and located at 3665 N. Rock Road (former Comp USA building).

They have sales in other states/cities too – check it out.