Pregnancy Week 36

April 4th, 2010

I feel like I should start these now with – No Baby! Every time I call someone these days there’s a suspicious tone in their voice until I clarify that I’m calling to ask some mundane question about a recipe and not letting them know I’m in labor. So I figured I’d extend that courtesy here.

Week 36 was all and all not too bad. I started the week with an OB visit; I was under the impression I’d be having my first exam, but instead I just had the strep B test. I was so anxious to have the exam to see how she’s positioned and if I were dilated at all. But, he sent me home. I was thinking “Dude, my pants are off, I’m on the table, just take a look!”. I go back tomorrow for the first exam and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we’ll hear some news in the form of little centimeters.

I keep joking that I hope he tells me I’m at a 5; truth is I need to at least get through this week before any labor signs show. There’s a lot of handing off of projects and the completion of several other projects that needs to, has to, take place this week and I swear to all things holy the type A personality in me will lose her mind if I can’t mark everything off my to-do list this week. Then, bring on the maternity leave. (She says rather hesitantly, with an ever-growing ulcer.)

For as achy, slow and tired as I’ve felt for weeks, I actually felt pretty good this week. In fact, Shelton commented a few times during outings that he felt like he was trying to keep up with me and that I was walking faster and lighter than I had in a while. They were fleeting moments, but celebrated nonetheless.

A strange little event occurred last Sunday morning, just as week 36 was kicking off. I realized my colostrum had come in. I sent my sister a text message that asked what the yellow liquid was and added a colorful WTF! I knew what it was but needed confirmation. I had no idea it would come in this early. She shrugged it off. My doctor shrugged it off. I was 110 percent certain I meant I was going to have the baby ANY MINUTE! But it’s been several minutes since last Sunday and there’s no baby.

By now I expected that this baby’s movements would have slowed down, but they haven’t. At all. Since this kid started moving in December she hasn’t stopped. Even in the face of the narcotics cocktail I enjoyed to get through the kidney stone she never stopped moving. So as she continues to grow and the space in my abdomen is officially full, she manages to wiggle-squirm her way around as if she had all the room in the world. My uneducated guess is that she’s head down, given that I feel like it’s her little hiney constantly pressing into my ribs. I also think that her hands are close to my bladder and she’s literally flicking it with her little fingers. It’s the most awkward sensation and I don’t care for it.

One sensation I don’t mind so much and actually find to be pretty cute are her hiccups. She usually has a round in the morning and one in the evening. Sometimes they are so hard I can watch my entire stomach move with the beat. Poor thing! I just want to tell her to turn upside down and hold her breath! Count to 10! Maybe try to scare her.

My glider is currently en route. I’m going to have to write a separate post about this explaining why Babies R Us is dead to me (DEAD!!) and why Target is awesome. Once this piece of furniture is in place, the nursery will be complete. I’m thrilled! But also bored. I’ve nested myself in to boredom. There’s nothing else to wash, fold, arrange or organize in that room. We’re just waiting for her.