Belly Button!

May 23rd, 2010

Big day here, miss Paisley now has a belly button! We’ve been waiting anxiously for that cord to fall off. In fact, two weeks ago I asked the doctor if it were going to fall off in time for the photoshoot we had scheduled the following Sunday and he plainly said “no.” And he was right. It was there for the photoshoot. So I put one of her headbands with a big flower around her mid-section. Not for all of them. We’re not that vain!

I was on the deck and Shelton yelled from the nursery “Brandi! You’ll want to see this!”. Thinking something was wrong or he’d discovered a diaper creation we’ve yet seen, I ran into to find that our daughter has a cute little innie. It was kind of slimy in the middle, but that seemed to only take an hour or so to dry.

I don’t know how long most kids’ cords take to fall off, but dang, that seemed to take forever!