Wichita Weight Loss Examiner

April 28th, 2009

I can’t get enough of publishing online and if you can’t get enough of what I’m publishing online then check out my articles as Wichita’s Weight Loss Examiner. Examiner is a great place to find localized insight on a variety of topics, and since my day-job is as the editor for DietsInReview.com, this seemed like a natural place to help my fellow Dub-towners.

My newest article talks about donuts.

“Gotta be hungry to eat a donut? I never heard of such a thing,” says Lawrence Garfield, played by Danny DeVito, in 1991’s Other People’s Money. Garfield loved donuts, and didn’t think there was a specific time of day that a donut should be eaten, or that you really even needed to be hungry to eat one. That philosophy could be good for The Donut Whole, a new coffee and donut restaurant in the heart of downtown Wichita that serves the cakey treat 24 hours a day.

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