The Pregnancy Gag Reflex

September 16th, 2009

One of things that I’m beginning to enjoy about this pregnancy is my heightened sense of smell and my hyper-sensitive gag reflex. And by enjoy, I mean not enjoy.

I can smell everything, and for the most part it’s OK. But then there are those times where OH MY GOD DO YOU HAVE TO SIT NEXT TO ME AND DRINK A RUM AND COKE BECAUSE THAT REEKS!!!

Or how last night I’m standing in line at the grocery store, minding my own business, when it’s all I can do to not throw-up on the cashier because the woman behind me sets down a styrofoam box full of Chinese food from the deli. I nearly asked her to go to a different line, and had to hold my shirt sleeve to my face just to get out of there without heaving.

Or last week, when we’re sitting on the deck, and Shelton decides to turn on the gas grill to burn off the remnants of our last meal. And that smell? Oh that smell! More like stench! I made him turn it off immediately and had to go inside.

I walked into our house this morning after having made turkey sausage for breakfast and felt ill. There was something in the air in the basement a couple of nights ago that only I could smell and only I could not get away from. And so on…

And I’ve always been weird about food texture, but moreso now. I threw-up a banana this morning because the mushy texture hit the back of my throat and my esophagus said “don’t even THINK about swallowing that! It’s gross.” A BANANA!

It’s just so strange all the different ways the body changes to adapt to being pregnant. Who knew you had to smell more to grow a baby?