Sonogram – Week 11

October 6th, 2009

I had a sonogram this morning. Unfortunately, the bleeding showed back up. (In my week ten recap, I explain that it went away. It did, for five or six days, and now it’s back.) I immediately called my doctor this morning and asked for a sonogram. They obliged and radiology was able to see me at 11:15.

It should be noted that I woke up SICK today. I really thought I’d managed to get the flu, even though I’ve had my flu shot.

So after heaving my breakfast in the kitchen sink, and having to call my Aunt F for a ride to the doctor, I made it – with a cup of water and crackers in hand. Shelton was able to meet me and we were promptly taken back.

People, it was magnificent. First, after everything we’ve been through, I feel like an honorary sono tech. Without the tech’s say so (which they can’t really say so) I was able to see that there’s not one spec of that blood clot left! No sign that it was even there. (HUGE relief… but why the new bleeding?)

Then, oh my, then the baby. The last time we had a sono was Sept. 17, and for the first time it looked like more than a fuzzy blur. There was shape, and that shape was similar to a gummy bear. Today… there was a baby. A whole, real baby! Shelton and I were both giggling, it was so amazing to see. I saw individual toes and fingers. A head, with a spot for eyes and a nose and a mouth. I saw traces of a spine. Elbows, knees, feet, and a rapidly beating heart (154bpm). Not to mention the acrobatic show it was putting on for us. Arms and legs and body just jutting and wiggling here and there. Then, it did a complete 180 flip. Positively amazing.

The baby has grown to 4.6cm (about 1.5″).  Everything is right on track.

You can see for yourself!