Pregnancy Week 15

November 9th, 2009

Our second week in to the second trimester and I actually started feeling normal, for the first time since we got pregnant. Still tired, I feel like that part’s not going to shake. Twelve hours of sleep a night is not abnormal for me and something I actually crave by the time I crawl all limp-eyed into bed at night. But when I’m awake during the day I have more energy than I have had, which is a really nice feeling. I also don’t feel the nagging, constant hunger that has taken up residency in my gut since August. When I do eat, I’m eating less as I fill up more quickly. But the between meal snacking isn’t as persistent as before, and again, it feels nice.

Unfortunately, new symptoms arrived this week. I thought the aches and pains weren’t supposed to show up until much later, but I guess that’s happening now. I think it was Thursday night that I literally had the worst night of sleep of my entire life. It didn’t matter how I positioned myself, nothing was comfortable. I had charlie horses, nightmares, heartburn, aches, pains, and apparently a conversation with Shelton about kids and marshmallows. It was miserable. During the day, I’m just achy. If Shelton places his hand on my back in the evening I feel like I could swallow his hand with my muscles – the pressure feels that good.

Some days the achiness radiates more from between my shoulders than elsewhere. I attribute that to the new set of breasts I’m hauling around. Last week I bought my first double-D bra. And unfortunately I feel like that’s not the end of the growth spurt I’m experiencing. Other times the pain radiates from my tailbone/lower back, and that’s the pain that feels nearly impossible to get rid of. It gets to the point where it hurts to walk, and of course sitting doesn’t help. This morning Shelton commented that the shape and curve of my back had changed. Clearly my body is shifting and changing in ways neither of us expected.

That was really about all that happened in week 15. Today we began week 16 and hoping that it goes just as smoothly.