Pregnancy Week 11

October 13th, 2009

I think week 11 can be summed up in one word – tired. Make that exhausted. I’ve reached the hibernation point of this pregnancy. I sleep about 10-12 hours a night, and by noon/early afternoon each day I’m ready for a nap, and by the time evening hits I’m completely worthless. A friend told me that she slept through the entire third month of her pregnancy, just missed the entire thing, doesn’t remember it. Isn’t that nuts? I don’t think I’m there, but a close second.

It’s still just so insane to me how much, and how quickly, your body changes. To that, I still have days where I have to go oh wow, I’m pregnant! This is real! If it weren’t for the symptoms I think I’d never believe it.

The sonogram and the picture of the real baby helped. We had a sonogram last Monday, as my bleeding had returned. Thankfully all signs of the blood clot are completely gone and the doctor believes it’s just the last little bit draining off. I’m still seeing very faint, very mild spotting here and there, but I think we’re completely out of the woods on this. Thank God! I’ve been told that some women will spot their entire pregnancy. I’m hoping that’s not me, but at least now I can take a deep breath and not completely panic.

Toward the end of the week I started feeling sick again. Nauseous, everything stinks, nothing sounds good, just miserable. So I spent the majority of the weekend lying right here on this couch vegging in front of the TV, eating crackers. I’ve also learned something about pregnancy that can be filed under the “things no one ever tells you.” I can’t brush my teeth. The thought of having to brush my teeth makes me want to run to the toilet. And I thought I was being weird so I tried to get over it. Until I told a few friends who all either concurred or told me about three other people they know who have resorted to gum or rinsing with mouthwash. And I’m thinking, well, that would work but I cannot live with the fuzzy slipper teeth. Since I work at home, and I don’t have to come into contact with humans for the majority of the day, I’m not making it the first thing I do in the morning. Because I’m not kidding, I will vomit. So I have breakfast, let that digest, and closer to lunch I brace myself for brushing my teeth. And I use the TINIEST dob of toothpaste and we get in and get out. Fast. And I try not to breathe while doing it. The entire task is horrendous and I really, REALLY hope this passes. I need to make a dentist appointment and I’m avoiding it because I am one hundred percent certain I will puke on the hygienist. And maybe the dentist, too.

The bump is continuing to grow, getting more bumptastic all the time. Depending on what I wear it’s completely obvious (for instance, today I’m in yoga pants and a slim long sleeve t-shirt). It’s fun, makes this entire thing a bit more real. I think I’m about at the point of having to give up my regular jeans. Sigh. I’ve held out as long as I could. But yesterday, squatting, bending, sitting or just moving was too much. They were so tight and so uncomfortable. The downside is that I’m not quite big enough for my maternity jeans, they slide off of me like an 8-year-old boy with no hips. And who knew they didn’t put belt loops on maternity pants?! What the hell?!

Week 12 is starting off a bit rough, and I’m going to spend week 13 in NYC. So I’m really going to take it easy on myself this week and hope it gets better and that I have the energy to take on the Big Apple.