OB Appointment – Week 14

October 28th, 2009

I had my second OB appointment this week with Dr. W. I had planned this one specifically leading in to the lunch hour so that Shelton would finally be able to tag along and meet the doctor. Unfortunately, a last-minute lunch appointment kept him away. I was oddly bummed about it. I think I got so used to him being by my side at every single IVF appointment. I assured him it was OK, and it was, but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed he wasn’t there.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at this appointment. I thought I’d go in, undress and slide into the gown for my exam. But alas, I got to stay fully clothed this time. The nurse quickly found the heartbeat, a raging 146 bpm!! There was a lot of extra noise that she called “punches,” as if the baby were knocking on my stomach. It basically indicated there’s a lot of movement going on inside. It’s still kind of strange to me that there’s A PERSON inside my belly, a very active person, and yet I feel nothing. If I eat too many enchiladas I feel a lot of movement, you know?! But a whole baby and I’ve got nothing. Both the nurse and the doctor asked if I could feel anything yet and I said no. They explained it’s still too early, but maybe four weeks away from those first flutters. How exciting!

This appointment was the first time I’ve been able to answer “NO!” to the question “Do you have any bleeding?”. What a friggin’ relief. I’ve had some very mild spotting sporadically, but the scary six weeks of bleeding is OVER!!!

I got my H1N1 shot. Having had the “regular” flu shot about a month ago, this one was super easy. I felt no pain the following days. The other shot was just painful!

I also got clearance to start pre-natal yoga, which I did on Monday and LOVED!!!

Dr. W told me that we can likely find out the gender in early December, around my 20th week. That could be my next appointment. I think we’re still riding the fence a bit. The compulsive planner in both of us will likely take over and we’ll give in and find out, provided the little monster cooperates. There’s also something really special about saving it until the end. I mean, you don’t buy a book and immediately read the last paragraph. You don’t fast-forward a movie to the last five minutes. You anxiously ride it out. But while I’m watching a movie I don’t have a room to paint and clothes to buy. So alas, we’ll probably cave.

Not likely to be the last time this set of parents caves!