Infertility Myths: Factors that Can and Can’t Affect Your Fertility

August 1st, 2009

I like to peruse the Yahoo! Shine homepage from time to time, as it’s like a juicy chick magazine without the Earth-killing paper waste and $3.50 fee.

One of the top stories today was this very interesting list about the things that can and can’t have an affect on your fertility.

Things that can prevent pregnancy / negatively influence fertility:

> History of STDs
> Recent DepoProvera
> Irregular cycles
> Overweight or Underweight
> Age (yes guys, there really is a biological clock. its ticks get slower after 30 and again after 35.)
> Not enough sex or too much sex
> Family history of infertility

Things that have no influence on fertility:

> How wet or dry you are (you know, down there)
> Sex positions
> Female orgasm
> Extended use of birth control
> The Herp

See the article by Dr. Kate in full here.