Guess What?! We’re Pregnant!!!

August 23rd, 2009

Folks, it’s official! We are beyond thrilled to be sharing this happy news with you. It worked… the IVF worked!!! We are very pregnant and just soaking up this really special time. Below is the post I wrote on the day we found out and the days following, and that should catch you up on where we’ve been in the past week. Believe that more posts are to come as I have every intention in chronicling our pregnancy just as we did the IVF journey.

Baby Or Bust goes Baby for the win!!!

Today is August 17, 2009. At 8:30 this morning I went to the clinic to have blood drawn to find out if I’m pregnant. At 8:45 I returned to my car where I sobbed uncontrollably, maybe one of the hardest cries I’ve ever had. I think I needed it. I really needed it! It wasn’t a sad or happy cry, it was the release of so much pent-up anxiety, nerves, speculation and even hope.

I couldn’t sleep last night, and the second we went to bed we both knew that was the case. After several deep sighs and tosses, Shelton told me to roll-over, scooped me up, and cuddled until I passed out. Surprisingly, I had one of the soundest night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks.

This morning my phone rang and “M’s” name flashed on the screen. I froze, and sent this IM to Shelton:

> MUST…. NOT ….. ANS…. WER….

Shelton responded:
> I’ll be home shortly.

We had agreed to find out together, and only together, since we’d already shared and been through so much.

Seconds later his screen name went offline and I sat here and chewed off my arm. Almost. I heard his car race around the corner and he came inside. We both made jokes about throwing up on each other. I asked him not to as I hadn’t done laundry in a month and these were probably my only clean clothes!

We’d asked “M” to leave a message so we could hear it together, but of all days, the message didn’t show up! So we called her, and waited on hold just about the seven longest minutes of our lives. La Maz breathing by both of us got us through the wait!

“M” answered and asked if we’d gotten the message with a very cheery voice. I told her I hadn’t. And she said, “Well, you’re pregnant! Very pregnant!” I eeked out a couple of tears, held Shelton, and yelled thank you!

Two words I’d never before heard and they were crystal clear – You’re Pregnant!

She said my hCG level was about 345 – they take anything over 5 to be pregnant and like to see 60. So very pregnant indeed.

I was told to return two days later to take another blood test, the hope being to see that number up about 60 percent.

We went back two days later, on Wednesday August 19, for a second blood test. We were expected to be in the 500s, I was at nearly 1000. Very good news!

It was Wednesday when I just couldn’t contain myself any longer, and much sooner than we’d anticipated, began telling family and friends. It was such a joy telling our loved ones, hearing their reactions and celebrating this long-awaited news with them.

We’re equally thrilled after more than three years to be making this post here and sharing the news with our family. So many of you helped make this possible and we’re eternally grateful for your support.

Our due date is April 26, 2010; and in a couple weeks we’ll find out how many we’ve got.