Tip Toes and Egg Shells

April 5th, 2008

We were told this morning that yet ANOTHER friend is having a baby. (He reads the site so Congrats!!) I hope you don’t mind me calling out your note like this- but it just made me remember that I’ve wanted to post about this for a while. Basically- told me they’d just found out they were pregnant. But hesitant to let us know because he didn’t know if we would care of if we would even want to know. And asked if it was dumb to feel that way.

Not dumb to feel that at all. You and everyone else do the exact same thing. It’s not necessary though.

I seriously love finding out someone is pregnant. Sure- I have a twinge of jealousy and that eensy little flash of “is this EVER going to happen for us?” It lasts for mere seconds and back to the YAYYYY!!!! Why wouldn’t I want to know? Shelton and I have had had the pleasure of being a part of so many close friends and family members pregnancies, births and raising children. It’s the most amazing and truly blessed gift- for both the parents to receive the baby- but for us to be a part of it. We’re like the unofficial aunt and uncle to 3600 kids! That’s an exaggeration- but I’ve never claimed to be any good at math!

We always kind of snicker amongst ourselves because we think watching all of you have all of your babies- we’ll have it pretty well figured out when ours arrives. Sometimes we forget about the baby restrictions and that a lot of our friends don’t have the freedom to come and go and do as they please like we do. But we’d give up that freedom in a heartbeat.

Like I said, this happens all the time. Our closest and dearest friends avoid telling us for fear we’ll be to hurt or something. I promise- we won’t be. I’m more hurt when I find out months later that someone has been pregnant for months and didn’t tell me. That’s what I don’t like. So please, just tell us. We really do want to know and we really do want to celebrate with you. Let us live vicariously through you for a while… and then we’ll call in some favors for babysitting later on.